20 Funny Things Every Mother Does While Cleaning the House

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Be honest, how many of this list of 20 things every mother does while cleaning the house, are you guilty of? 

When you find yourself cleaning the same rooms of your house nearly every single day, you start to notice patterns. Like how rotten milk in a lost sippy cup is enough to make you afraid of finding one. Or how your family can carry trash past the waste basket to place it on the counter instead. Or the way you kind of skip vacuuming that awkward corner of the living room because no one really walks there anyway. Admit it. Which of the following have you done or are doing RIGHT NOW?

blue living room

20 Funny Things Every Mother Does While Cleaning the House

  1. Sniff a weird clothing stain and recoil. “What is that? Wait, WHAT IS THAT?!
  2. Ask yourself why there is a spoon in the couch cushions? Why?
  3. Peer into the washer and dryer for the missing sock that you KNOW went in with its mate.
  4. Stare murderously at the clothes on the floor, literally right next to the dirty clothes hamper.
  5. Threaten to donate every toy and electronic in the house if you don’t start getting some help soon.
  6. Close doors to rooms you don’t want to clean today. Or look at.
  7. Leave clothes sitting in the washer for two days.
  8. Immediately regret #7 due to the mildew stench, rewash them and this time move them to the dryer for another day. But you can still smell the smell. You know what smell I mean.
  9. Throw clothes in the washer you know for a fact are clean. You’re too tired to fight it at this point.
  10. Secretively toss old/broken/useless objects your family insists on holding onto like they’re the star of an episode of hoarders.
  11. Vacuum over the same spot 15 times instead of bending over to just pick up the damn piece of paper.
  12. Swear an oath that everyone will start pitching in with chores on a regular basis.
  13. Find the object that’s been missing for months in the most random place, suddenly remembering how it got there.
  14. Smell check the bathroom for eau de urine. Also double check the kids room and where the cat loves to leave you personalized presents.
  15. Stare down the washer full of stained clothing, decide to toss in a little extra detergent for good measure and send a prayer to the laundry gods.
  16. Soak a sink of dishes in soapy water to give the appearance that you’re actually going to get to them today.
  17. Find a sippy cup under the sofa and immediately fill with a sense of dread. Milk or water? Milk or water? Milk…
  18. Throw the sippy cup out.
  19. Sit on the couch “for just a minute.” Turn on Game of Thrones. Just for a minute.
  20. Realize you have to do this all over again tomorrow, and every day, forever. Immediately resume GOT and wish you had a dragon to burn your laundry pile into ashes you can push into that corner no one walks into. 

Let’s be real here. Even clean freaks don’t actually enjoy cleaning – they just enjoy the fruits of their labor a little more than the rest of us. And that’s okay. But the fact is, if we could all make our job a little easier we would do it. Whether it’s cat vomit on your freshly washed comforter (this happens way more often than I would like), an explosive diaper in the fresh onesie or the leak proof sippy cup that LIES, life happens. Things spill. Bodily fluids leave the body.

I found legitimate help you guys.

Lucky for us, EnviroKlenz created a line of non-toxic, safe for all the family members, made in the USA products to help clean up life’s little (or big) messes.

enviroklenz odor neutralizer for chickens

After reading the description of the EnviroKlenz Odor Neutralizer Granules, I decided I wanted to give them a go in our chicken coop. 

Our Odor Neutralizer Granules attach themselves to the spilled materials and get to work instantly to effectively and safely remove the odors… even on the most absorbent fabrics and carpets. (It’s non-bleaching and works on solid surfaces too, so don’t worry… it’s got you covered.)

First of all, it absorbs the liquid of the spill so that liquid can’t do any further damage to what it’s been spilled on. Then it causes minimal & safe chemical reactions to neutralize the smells without any sort of perfume or harmful masking agents.

Yes, you read that right. Chickens. And no matter how often or thoroughly I clean out their coop, within 1 day you get repugnant whiffs of it from 100 yards away. Seeing as we have no air conditioning in our home and rely on open windows for our ocean breeze, this quickly became a problem as I really don’t want to go through the cleaning process every day. I’ve tried other odor reducing granules in the coop before to try and make cleanings stretch a week, but they really didn’t offer much relief past day 2.

enviroklenz odor neutralizer for chickens

Last Saturday after cleaning, I generously sprinkled a bit in with the new bedding and threw in some fresh basil clippings (said to help keep flies away) and to my surprise and delight, the EnviroKlenz Odor Neutralizer Granules has done it’s job well!

enviroklenz odor neutralizer for chickens

I walk out every morning to let the chicks run free in the yard and I’ve been thoroughly impressed as the lack of heavy offensive odor building up daily. I’m thrilled to actually be able to clean the coop just once, instead of 3-4 times, a week!

And don’t even get me started on the Laundry Enhancer Liquid (aka the laundry gods that actually answer you).

 When you add a dose of our laundry enhancer to your wash cycle, our earth mineral technology safely neutralizes any odors left in the clothing or the machines themselves, meaning you can wash and wear your clothes without any worry of activating your allergies or sensitivities.

Safe on: Cotton, delicates, nylon, polyester, spandex, washable lace, washable rayon, washable wool, and any other fabrics the manufacturer deems safe to put through a wash cycle.

enviroklenz laundry enhancer

Say goodbye soccer sock stench. Adios eau de cat-puked-on-the-bed-again.

roxy bengal cat
“who me? I didn’t do anything wrong. Never.”

It even helps with the mildew smell when you rewash the laundry that’s been sitting for two days. But they won’t fix your 80s hair, sorry there is no going back from that. Embrace it.

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9 thoughts on “20 Funny Things Every Mother Does While Cleaning the House”

  1. That’s all so true. It’s nice though, to have products that help you get through cleaning without hassle. It’s crazy enough to maintain a house!

  2. I haven’t tried any of EnviroKlenz product before. This does look like it will really help me with laundry and with keeping the house clean and odor free. I will have to get these at the store. Oh, I love that list. All of it is so true. I had to laugh at eau de urine! In a male-dominant household like me, that is the common scent in their toilets.

  3. Wow! This is so helpful. I will probably try this to our laundry. That bad smell that every moms know will vanish for sure.


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