hAppy Mothers Day: DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

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This DIY Paper Flower Bouquet has to be the best Mothers Day gift ever. The flowers won’t wilt, she can’t kill them and they look great on the dining room table. Best of all,  they shower mom in compliments.  

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Floral Wire
Tissue Paper (5 sheets per flower)
Pipe Cleaner (2 per flower)
ZINK hAppy Printer
Any Size Z-roll (I used 1/4in)
Tip: I picked up all of the materials (except ZINK) for $1ea at the Dollar Tree! 

Step 1: Accordion Fold Your Tissue Paper

zink hAppy Craft 1There really is no “wrong” way to choose your colors. I like fading from light to dark but you can mix and match unexpected colors, use just two colors or even a single color. For these flowers I used 5 sheets of paper. Once you have chosen your colors and stacked your papers evenly, accordion fold it all the way to the end. 

Tip: Don’t use less than 5 sheets of paper or your flowers won’t be full. Also, I wouldn’t use more than 10 sheets because it gets hard to work with. 

zink hAppy Craft 2Once that’s complete, cut off just enough flower wire to wrap securely around the middle. This will help give the flower shape. Do Not Secure The Wire Yet.

Step 2: Create a Stem

zink hAppy Craft 3The purpose of two pipe cleaners is to provide some rigidity and strength. Twist the two around each other fairly tightly. Then loop around the bottom of the floral wire as pictured above. Now secure the floral wire. 

After this point you can get creative by cutting the ends of your tissue paper into half circles or points. This will give the flowers slightly different shapes. You will notice in the photos that I cut some flowers into points and others into half circles. 

Step 3: Assemble Your Flowers

zink hAppy Craft 4Now you can create your flowers by gently separating the tissue paper. Be gentle but don’t worry about separating them perfectly. The more perfect these flowers are, the worse they look. It’s okay to be a little scrunched and uneven. 

Step 4: Create Your Leaves

hAppy Mothers Day BouquetOnce that’s finished it’s time to print your ‘leaves’. I used the 1/4in Z-Roll to create 4in long strips, each containing an adjective to describe my mom. I typed the word twice so that when I wrapped the paper end to end around the pipe cleaner the word would appear on both sides!

Step 5: Deliver!

6Ta-Da you’ve created a lovely paper flower bouquet!  Pop them in a clear vase with some left over Easter grass and deliver on Mothers Day. PS I’ve heard these go over especially well with breakfast in bed. 

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5 thoughts on “hAppy Mothers Day: DIY Paper Flower Bouquet”

  1. Such a CUTE and super easy gift for Momma! Maybe just spritz a teeny bit of mom’s favorite perfume on them and they will smell like real flowers!! AND…last a LOT longer! :)
    Thanks for this idea! Love it!

  2. So cute! I have a 10 year old sister who wants me to help her make something for our mom for mothers day but its hard to find crafts that she can do that aren’t too babyish. This is perfect!


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