What happens when your gorgeous and successful husband’s mistress knocks on your door? Everybody knows the mistress becomes a sworn enemy and that the husband is immediately dubbed a cheating pig, but what if something else happened? What if the women instead became bonded together as victims of the same sly fox, and bound to their mutual secrecy in the start of revenge? The Other Woman kicks things up a notch by pushing the bounds of reality and showcasing friendship around an irrevocable experience.

THE OTHER WOMANThe all-star cast of Leslie Mann as suburban housewife Kate King, Cameron Diaz as city-girl lawyer Carly, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as cheater Mark King, and Taylor Kinney as Kate’s resourceful brother Phil led newcomers Kate Upton as Mark’s additional fling Amber, and Nicki Minaj as Carly’s sassy receptionist. The chemistry among the cast is loving and playful, yet sexy and edgy. With some of Mann’s most recent projects, she has been demonstrating a well seasoned ability to showcase raw emotion in the most mesmerizing way. The premise of The Other Woman could be called a grown-up version of John Tucker Must Die, but the addition of authenticity set the story apart as a film and not just a movie.

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In a classic man-cheats-on-woman, woman-meets-mistress scenario, Carly confesses that she had been in love with Mark, and had no idea about his wife. Pushover Kate is in a conflict of being rightfully pissed and also not having any friends to confide in about the situation. The mutual betrayal leads to an unconventional friendship that toys with doubt, but brings together an odd couple of ladies into a balanced friendship. The cherry on top of the scandal is Amber’s role as the typically ditzy blonde, but upon discovering Mark’s antics, she teams up with the girls for a trio of Charlie’s lost Angels. Where the screenplay had the opportunity to be failed, Upton brought a charisma to screen that was unexpected and delightful. The friendship between the ladies is genuine on and off camera, and their love for each other is what carries the film through. Your beau won’t be too annoyed if you drag him along either; there are many somber and laugh out loud moments that either sex can enjoy (and if worst comes to worst, he’ll at least get a mandatory shot of Upton running in a bikini).


The Other Woman
In theaters April 25th
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I was invited to a press screening of this film. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I love, love, love the cast of this movie. I have seen the commercials and think it looks like a great movie to see with my girlfriends… thanks for the post

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