DIY hAppy Mothers Day Card for Kids

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Happy Mothers Day CardMy mom has always preferred hand made mothers day cards – but what mom doesn’t?  This year I was so excited to have my Zink hAppy for Mothers Day so I could create a truly customized mothers day card. With some fun photos, a few decals and a lot of help from my ZINK hAppy I made this adorable hAppy Mothers Day Card. 

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12in x 8in card stock folded in half
Scallop Punch
Misc Card Stock at least 3in x 3in
Razor Blade/Exacto Knife
ZINK hAppy Printer
      2 inch Z-roll 
     1/4 inch Z-roll


One of the great things about assembling a mothers  day card is that it’s really a matter of preference. There really is not a ‘right’ way to go about it. However, I do have a few tips:

  • Do not glue/stick anything until your design is finalized
  • I recommend you start by placing the largest elements & work from there
  • For intricate designs use an Exacto knife/razor blade instead of scissors
  • Work with at least 3 colors

I began by choosing a few of my moms favorite photos from our impromptu family photo shoot on Easter Sunday. I printed them on a 6in photo strip (2in Z-Roll) and placed it about 3/4 in from the bottom. From there I moved to the next largest item, the scallops. 

But it was still a little plain and didn’t have the custom “Happy Mothers Day Greeting.” So I shopped around the ZINK hAppy App Store where I found a ton of free extras – even complete projects – to download. I ended up printing 2×2 flowers I found in the Flower Symbols 2 and Flower Symbols 3 app download. I also downloaded free backgrounds, one of which I used to create my 4in Happy Mothers Day banner using the 1/4in Z-Roll.

Once everything was arranged I finalized my design by gluing/sticking anything down that needed it. Lastly, it just needed a message inside, which I printed out with my 2in Z-Roll. Ta-Da super easy mothers day card. 

What craft projects did you come up with for Mothers Day this year?  

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4 thoughts on “DIY hAppy Mothers Day Card for Kids”

  1. This turned out so nice and it looks like a lot of fun to make! I think I’m going to have my preschooler do handprint hearts for Mother’s Day this year.

  2. That is an adorable card! I love making stuff with the kids for them to give out. Will definitely be making homemade cards!

  3. Awww, how adorable! This year I have slacked on the Mother’s Day crafts :(

    My boys will plant flowers for me on Mother’s Day. I help them do it as they are still little but my plan is to train them to be able to do it for me eventually, lol.


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