Looking for some ideas on how to create your own unique small space indoor gardens?

I love gardening and I refuse to let my small home keep me from bringing my “babies” indoors once harsh Michigan winters knock on my door. I find that even in the smallest living spaces, there is room for indoor gardening. And even if you have plenty of space outside to garden, bringing fresh greenery, herbs and blooms inside always brightens any home and will be sure to be a source of sunshine on even the cloudiest day!

Some of the best ways to find room are by creating gardens that are vertical or functional. Check out some of these great ideas for small space indoor gardens.

Indoor Garden

Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Learn 2 Grow

Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Natural Building 

Via: Rearranged Design

 Via: The Were 42 


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  1. I’m with you, my plants are with me also. My green thumb gets black so I wash my hands more often and start again. Great idea by the way!!!!

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