You’re a Multi-Tasking Mama and Your Stroller Should Be Too

Do you know that feeling when your kid is acting up in front of a group of other moms? You know, when you are desperately trying to sound patient and in control as you chase them around and around. Your voice becomes strained, and you start threatening to take away their toys for the rest of their lives…

Did I mention doing all of this is at 8 months pregnant?

This probably happens to me about once a week. My very active (and strong willed) son decides to do his own thing, and I have to try to reason, distract, bribe, etc. to keep him from running or jumping or just being silly.

His overactive imagination and unending energy reserve has caught up with me now that I am near the end of my second pregnancy, and sometimes it is easier for everyone involved if he hangs out in his stroller. However, that isn’t always what he wants to do.

If this sounds familiar to you, the smarTrike might just be exactly what you need to keep that little one contained and entertained.  

smarTrike review

My son basically goes everywhere with me, and as I run through our busy days, using a stroller has always been my go to as to avoid having to chase him through the store. Somewhere near his third birthday, he suddenly realized that being in the stroller meant he couldn’t do as he pleased, and getting him in there became harder and harder.

The stroller we used (as like many on the market) was too big and bulky to take certain places. When offered the chance to test out the smarTrike, I knew right away that this lightweight, transformable stroller just might be the answer to our stroller struggles.

Not only is it easy to transport, but it can be transformed through multiple stages to turn into an actual tricycle! How many other strollers can do that!? 

smarTrike review

Made for kids 9 to 36 months, its multipurpose design was created with busy moms in mind. It can be transformed with minor adjustments so it can grow with your child. It starts as a stroller and transforms into a tricycle!

It also easily folds up for storage with a lightweight build which means you can toss it in the trunk with one hand while you are hauling the baby, diaper bag, purse, car keys, and everything else in the other.

smarTrike review

The best part of the smarTrike is its unique adaptability.

When the stroller is in parent mode, I am in control, and I can push it like a regular stroller. Yet, its open design with leg rests and an unrestrictive seatbelt allows my son to sit easily without feeling contained in the seat. Its handlebar also lets him think he is handling the navigation. Then, I can pop the pedals in allowing him to perfect his pedaling skills and his steering, but by leaving it in “parent mode” I am still in control and steering.

When I talk him outside for some fresh air, I can easily switch the steering into “child mode” with just a click letting him pedal around on his own. I leave the handle in its regular upright position in case he needs a little redirecting or if he gets a little too rambunctious with his pedaling. I can grab the handle before he gets too far ahead of me.

It has kept him happy while we are on the go and given me back some of my sanity and patience. 

smarTrike reviewMade with durable, soft-touch handles, a comfortable seat belt, sun visor, carry case and storage bag, it is the perfect stroller for us especially now that my son is more independent. It gives him more control than riding in a regular stroller while still allowing me some influence even while he is pedaling around.

What I am most excited about is that just as my son is outgrowing the smarTrike, it will be perfect for baby number two!

For more information, check out the smarTrike website.

I am one lucky Mom to be able to review the smarTrike. All opinions remain my own. 

21 thoughts on “You’re a Multi-Tasking Mama and Your Stroller Should Be Too”

  1. There are so many choices for strollers these days, it’s tough to figure out which one works best. I think this one’s a front runner though! It’s really awesome.

  2. What a fun looking trike. This is a winner for any kiddo, for sure. It’d make a perfect Christmas gift too (who doesn’t love a bike under the tree!).

  3. It’s so amazing how much strollers have changed over the years. Multi-tasking with kids is definitely important! Looks like a good one.

  4. Ok I have been proven wrong. I just told my mom my almost 3 year old niece shouldnt be in a stroller anymore, but with a stroller like this I think it would be different. This is definitely toddler friendly.

  5. Nice stroller! I love its convenience and portability. I don’t have young kids anymore but I will definitely recommend this to friends and family. How I wish this was available when my own kids were little!

  6. I love this. I would no longer need any more convincing. I’m getting this Smartrike for my grandson. Thanks for the review.

  7. Love that! We tried to select baby products that would grow with our kids or serve multiple purposes. This looks like such a fun way for little ones to get around town!

  8. It is so cool that there are more options for strollers these days. Glad you shared this one, I am sure it will be helpful for those busy Mama’s on the go for sure.

  9. This is so cool! How I wish I had this when the kids were still using strollers! It definitely makes things easier for both mom and the baby!

  10. When you’re a busy parent you definitely need a stroller that’s easy to travel with and this sounds like a good choice. Changing it up to trike-mode would be perfect for little strolls in the park.

  11. Holy wow! That’s not a stroller, that’s a stroke of genius! I wish I’d had this when my kids were little.


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