7 Reasons Your Husband Needs a Drone for Fathers Day

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Solo, the Smart Drone, arrived in over 400 Best Buy stores on June 8th, just in time for Father’s Day. It’s the first-ever drone powered by two integrated Linux computers, making capturing the perfect shot easy for anyone. Where drones used to be limited for the ultra technical geeks,  nowadays, there are plenty of ways us regular folks can use them. If you’re looking for a gift for the guy that has everything, here are 8 reasons a Solo might be the perfect gift!


1. Dronies

Like selfies, but with a drone! Plus, the Solo Smart Done is the first to support full control of GoPro® cameras and deliver live HD video either wirelessly to your mobile device or through the controller’s HDMI port for live broadcasts. Talk about epic! 

2. Delivering Gifts to Mom

Thanks to its load carrying capabilities, Dad can special deliver gifts to Mom. For fun or for those times when he needs to say “I’m sorry”, use of a drone is especially important for those uniques times when maintaining a safe distance until delivery of said gifts is crucial.

two female hiker above the sea of fog on top of a mountain at sunset

3. Sports Photography

Extreme sports is an ideal choice for taking advantage of drone capabilities. Whether it’s skiing, snow boarding or even base jumping, drones can capture it all on an epic scale and you can take advantage of the Solo’s ability to define it’s own flight. If your husband isn’t the athletic type, imagine the ultimate cool status he’ll achieve amongst team parents when he captures your children’s soccer or baseball game from above!

4. Keep an Eye on the Kids

Dads deserve their day of rest. Mine used to take advantage of it “resting his eyes” on the back porch while we played outside. Now Dads don’t even have to get off the hammock to keep an eye on the kiddos. 


5. Drone Racing

Let’s face it, guys covet each other’s stuff. Don’t worry if your husband is the first of his friends to own a drone. The others will follow and soon he’ll have man-dates to play with his friends. Bonus alone time for you!

6. Dad’s Little Helper

More than just delivering gifts for Mom, drones can become another one of Dad’s handy helpers. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a previously technically challenged Dad devised a way to have his Solo Smart Drone bring him a beer or the remote control. What, can’t find the remote? Thats ok. He can use the drone to search the house for it without getting up off the couch.

7. Keep Him Entertained

Last, but not least, lets not forgot one of the most common forms of drone entertainment, the drones themselves! 

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