Staying Healthy While Traveling 

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Staying in shape and healthy is essential for everyone all of the time, but even more so while traveling. Whether you’re spending long hours in the car on a road trip or on a plane with tons of people who aren’t typically in “your bubble,” it’s vital to stay as healthy as possible. After all, you want to enjoy your destination at the end of the journey!

Even when you’re trying to travel as light and minimally as possible, there are certain things you want to have on hand to make this easy and doable.

Grab and Go Food

It’s easy to fall for super convenient fast foods while traveling – I see you airport Cinnabon. But, the reality is, we’re going to feel much better and have a much better time if we’re nourishing our bodies while on the road. If you have time, preparing snacks and light meals ahead of time is your best bet.

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Something as simple as overnight oats made the night before with rolled oats is the perfect breakfast fuel, and chopping veggies and adding a bag full of nuts will satiate you on your flight. Foods like this give our immune system the boost they need to stave off bugs we may encounter in crowded places like airports or hotel lobbies. Good health starts from within, so healthy food is the building block of your immunity foundation. 


Let’s be honest – even if it’s your life’s passion – traveling can be exhausting! It’s so tempting to grab the energy drinks, sodas, and coffees, which in moderation are great and do give us the boost we need. But, our bodies need more than that.

Water is essential to life and essential to have in our travel packs at all times. It’s best to invest in a reusable water bottle or flask, or just make sure to recycle all those water bottles you go through. Either way, make sure you’re drinking at least two to three liters a day, and remember that number may need to increase if you’re doing a lot of physical activity or spending a ton of time in the heat while traveling. 

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Personal Protection

Face masks and hand sanitizers have become a common way of life for us these days, with good reason! We also all know that dreaded feeling as we’re getting ready to go in an establishment of “Oh no, I forgot my mask!”

It’s crucial to have multiples packed away, so you’re never in this situation. Germ eliminating wipes are also a great alternative to hand sanitizer when you’re traveling because they not only work for your hands, you can use them on your phones and other devices to keep things clean and safe on the go.

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Soothing Shut-Eye

One of the most important things you can do while traveling is sleep! From crossing time zones to trying to see all the sights, traveling is exhausting! You must take the time to get some sleep in where you can.

So, sleep on the plane! Sleep in the car (if you’re not traveling solo) and take a quick nap after exploring all day. Now more than ever, when we want to keep our immunity peak, we need to give our bodies the chance to rebuild, and that happens while we’re resting. 

Walk It Out

We all know that staying physically active is important to look and feel our best. So, when you’re in a new city or country, walk everywhere! Not only does this give you a more intimate view into another culture, but you’re also gaining that added bonus of working your muscles and getting those steps in. It’s also a great time to enjoy conversation with your travel companion. 

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Damage Control

We are talking about sun damage here! We’re heading into Summer, and that means intense sun and hot, hot heat. Both of which can be healthy for us and potentially damaging.

If you’re hydrating like you’re supposed to, you’ve got a lot of protection already, but it’s a good idea to travel with an SPF of at least 30 or higher. Make sure you’re applying everywhere – including your face! If you’re going to be active in the sun and sweating, you want to use it every two to three hours.

It’s also prudent to avoid the sun during its peak times (where UV rays are most intense), which is between noon and 3:00 pm. 

So, there you have it. Implement these into your travel routines, and you’ll have a healthier and safer experience. Bon Voyage!

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