Sudoku 4x4 Farm Friends for Keyona

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Semi-exclusive - only 6 sets will be sold of this design. Customized with your choice of border color (you chose #B30fcb). No URL requested.

Your personalized files will be made available for immediate download upon completion of order and payment.

2 x PDF sheets

2 x PNG sheets

1 Pinterest Mockup Graphic 1000x1500

1 Blog Mockup Graphic 1024x512


Optional Add-on: Send the Pinterest/Blog graphic as an editable Canva template where you can move the worksheet images around, change the background and colors, add your own logo and text, etc. Yes, this will work on a free Canva account, no paid Pro account needed.

Link to Canva template will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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This listing is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and consists of only digital printable files. Once you purchase and payment is confirmed, the files will be available to download immediately. After you've downloaded the files, you may print as many as you would like or begin sharing (for free) on your blog or website.

No physical copy will be sent or mailed.

PRINT NOTES: The quality of the print will depend on the type of printer being used. Colors may vary between on-screen and printed versions due to printer and monitor calibration settings as well as the type of paper being used.

TERMS OF USE: You may make these available for download from your blog for free, use it as a sign-up incentive, print it for friends and family, etc but you cannot sell or distribute these files for commercial use or for profit. Your purchase and download constitutes agreement of these terms of use.

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