Are You Stumped by Your Children’s Homework?

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In my senior year of high school, I must have sat at my dining room table for days trying to figure out my organic chemistry homework. In class, what the teacher said all made sense, but when I tried to apply my notes to homework problems, I frequently found myself lost in a sea of elements. To make matters worse, my parents could not help. The three of us would read definitions over and over, search the index, consult the encyclopedia, and finally, give up. The whole semester I was at school early almost every day asking questions and feeling more and more frustrated.

That experience completely turned me off to chemistry, and from then on I avoided not only chemistry but often any challenging material. I hated feeling helpless and for lack of a better word, stupid. Maybe, if there had been more resources available I would have become an award winning chemist…probably not, but it may have saved my family a lot of stressful evenings trying to understand the differences between chirality and stereoisomers.


If you are a parent that finds yourself frequently stumped by your children’s homework, help has arrived! The Homework Help Desk is a resource for parents to access information, speak directly with veteran teachers, and finally, find the tools to help your kids succeed. Focused on subjects for grades 7-12, there is also help for elementary level homework. This genius resource is brought to you by Get Schooled. As a national non-profit foundation, it is their goal to kids realize their goals and achieve success. The Homework Help Desk is one of their main projects for 2016.

As our world changes, the approach to education and has changed to fit the needs of our evolving workforce, economy, and technology. This means much of the homework your kids bring home may look foreign to you. The Common Core Standards that have swept through our country (now implemented in 42 states) are meant to create higher standards in academic subjects in order to better prepare the next generation for the fast-paced world they will inherit. Good news for children, at times, bad news for parents trying to help their kids with homework.


The Homework Help Desk is a website designed to help parents and their students when questions arise long after class has ended. Parents can search by grade and subject to find instructional videos as well as practice problems and other tools to guide them and their children through confusing school work. Learning shouldn’t happen only in a classroom. As parents we are part of the support network that guides and provides our children the self-confidence to take on challenging work and strive for success. If we fall short in providing that support, our children are at risk of frustration and discouragement that may stunt their future success. The Homework Help Desk is designed to give parents 24 hour accessible guidance so their children may stay on track for a better life.

In addition, you will also find other credited resources to help your whole family achieve homework success. Instead of typing keywords into a search engine, you can browse available material through sites designed to be instructional resources.

Find more information about Common Core Standards and tools to help be a Learning Hero. You can also find help in Spanish Univision’s Clave Al Exito.

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