Outfit of the Day: A Summer Evening Date Night Look

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It’s been 919 days since my husband and I last took time for a romantic getaway. That’s two and a half years. Just looking at that number makes me cringe because it really isn’t like us, but the last three years have been an absolute whirlwind. His job meant that we spent about 9 months of that time period living apart. Somewhere along the way we also fit in two moves, the birth of our son and the moments were filled in between. Sure there have been quite a few family vacations mixed in there but little time to take a getaway with just the two of us. So when his birthday happened to coincide with a trip home to visit family I thought, what better time for a little romantic escape? We have free childcare (thank goodness for grandparents) and its just a quick train ride from Michigan to Chicago. 

Chicago SkylineI’ve said numerous times that I would never move north again. I’ve become accustomed to the south’s warm weather, but a case could definitely be made for Chicago and not just because I could eat Chicago deep dish pizza every single of night of the week. I also fell in love with the architecture, the food, the sports fans, the culture, the food, and it’s right along my favorite coastline – that of Lake Michigan. 

While my husband is busy working away I’ve been busy planning our romantic weekend. Actually, that’s not quite true. One wouldn’t know it from the spit up stain t-shirts I’ve been rocking lately, but a peek at my Polyvore account will reveal that I love planning chic outfits and will use any excuse to shop. So naturally by “planning our romantic weekend” what I really mean is that I’ve been planning outfits. 

Summer Evening Date Night Outfit


Summer Evening Date Night Outfit 

Roland Mouret blue top / Chicwish tulle skirt / Aquazzura nude shoes / Chloé leather handbag/ Larsson Jennings roman numeral jewelry / Red Camel beaded jewelry / Wish by Amanda Rose chain necklace /Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Isn’t she lovely?! This outfit features all of my favorite things right now and everything is on trend from the navy and cream color scheme to rose gold accents. I started with the skirt because I have been so into tulle lately and love that designers are now creating it for the over 8 crowd. One of my favorite trends is a high waisted tulle skirt with a crop top.

In addition to my love affair with tulle, I’m a total bag lady. So a decent sized purse was a must. And no one wants to smell on date night, even if it’s guaranteed that you’re going home with your date. Perhaps especially when it’s guaranteed!

Which is why I always travel with my Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. Although I don’t need to bring it on date night thanks to its 48-hour odor and wetness protection; I will be wearing it.  If only it could protect me from the blisters I’ll probably get from walking in those heels. Maybe I’ll bring a trusty pair of folding flats to sneak into my purse. You never know where you might end up in the windy city. 

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