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Excited to cross off another ‘first’ on my unofficial Kauai Travel Bucket List I arrived at Hawaiian Surfing Adventures for, you guessed it, a surfing lesson. I would be taking my lesson with fellow bloggers and it was a first for all of us, so today was about to get interesting. We met our guide, David, and he instantly had us rolling with laughter. He even surprised us with some smoothies from across the street – totally not part of the package! Despite David’s numerous reassurances, face plants and belly flops were the hot topic of discussion as we made the short trek to the beach. We were all a bit doubtful of our abilities.

Each session at Hawaiian Surfing Adventures is 1.5 hours long and we spent the first half hour talking safety. Before we were allowed in the water, we spent time getting to know our soft top boards, learning how to keep our balance and the proper technique for riding the waves. Unlike the typical dry, boring safety course experience, David was energetic, easy going and hilarious. (Seriously, request him for your lessons!) I think that is why we found ourselves so successful in the water.

Before long we were paddling out into the ocean to catch us as many waves as possible. Unfortunately the ocean was pretty calm that day and some better surfers were stealing the waves but David worked hard to get us up as much as possible. To all of our surprise we stuck most of our rides. In between, David spent time talking with us about surfing, techniques and island life.

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learning how to surf in KauaiAll too soon our time was up and we made our way back to shore. Our time was coming to a close but we had to get in one last picture and of course, throw up a shaka!

Thank you to the Kauai Visitors Bureau and Hawaiian Surfing Adventures for hosting my experience.

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  1. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful. Now I am ready to go sit on a warm beach some where. I will pass on the surfing lesson. I’m not brave enough. Good for you for doing it.

  2. Wow how cool is that? If I went to Kauai I would totally want to learn to surf! When on vacation it’s fun to try things you wouldn’t normally try. Those memories are great to have, plus you might finding you really enjoy doing too!

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