Thank Goodness It’s Spring

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I’ve found myself thinking TGIS (Thank Goodness It’s Spring) often this week. It was just last weekend that our corner of Florida was blessed with its first gorgeous weekend since winter began.

The sun was shining and all of our neighbors were outside soaking up the vitamin D. It was the official kick-off to spring we had all been waiting for.

It’s been 70 and sunny every day since and our family is in full spring mode. 

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I can’t be the only mom who wants to do all the outside things?! We’ve spent an eternity cooped up avoiding blah gray days and I’ve gone stir crazy.

Let’s walk down the beach, ride bikes, play with sidewalk chalk.

Ice cream for dinner? Let’s do it!

The results of spring fever have also manifested themselves in other ways.

9pm spring cleaning spree? Sure, why not?

On the plus side, my patio is now fit for entertaining, the grill is primed for our cookout this weekend and even the garage is looking organized. 
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The only thing that wasn’t prepared for spring was our wardrobe. My kids tend to go through growth spurts right before winter, which means that come Easter, nothing from last year fits anymore.

So it’s out to the donation pile with the old, and in with the new spring wardrobes.

Word to the wise, replacing your child’s entire wardrobe is a marathon, not a sprint, so plan accordingly. When it comes to replenishing my kid’s closets I like to stick to a few basic rules.

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Mix and match

The mix and match basics tables at OshKosh are LIFE. They make kids fashion easy with cute coordinating pieces.

In fact, I usually let my oldest “go crazy” at the table. She embraces her inner fashionista and I don’t have to micromanage. Plus, they’re super affordable so I don’t worry about our budget. 

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Keep it versatile

The mountains of laundry I do on a daily basis aren’t going to sort and put away themselves (as much as I wish they would). I’ll do anything I can to cut down on the overflowing baskets, which means buying clothes that go from school to play and from birthday parties to Easter egg hunts.

I want kids fashion that won’t make me say “Change before you go outside.” Don’t we all?

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Quality and affordability

I love taking my kids out for a day of shopping. They love expressing their own styles, working within a budget and filling their baskets – even the two-year-old gets in on it.

What I don’t love is overpaying for clothes they will quickly grow out of.

It’s also true that not all brands are created equal.

I think all moms have had the pain of sending a new shirt through the wash only to find it two sizes smaller than when we bought it.

Which is why I love OshKosh. Their clothes are super affordable (especially with the 20% off coupon below) and they’re made to last. It’s rare that my kids can wear through their clothes before they outgrow them. 

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At the end of the day, I just want my kid’s clothing to be durable, affordable and stylish. OshKosh B’Gosh always checks all of the boxes and lets me shop for two different age groups in one store. It’s basically a no-brainer.

Now if only the clothes could wash themselves! 

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