This Automotive Gadget Can Help Keep New Teen Drivers Safe

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This post is sponsored by Hum by Verizon, my go-to device for safer summer adventures on the road with family. All opinions remain my own.

Having a new teen driver is one of the most stressful times for any parent. That naïve confidence and lack of experience makes for a very dangerous combination. It is something that weighs heavily on me particularly, because I had a brother that died in a car accident just months after he had received his license. Kids, and even adults, so often dismiss tragedy and think “that could never happen to me.” However, so many of us know that danger is very real.

Why not use all available resources to keep our teen drivers safe? This is why I love Hum by Verizon and their current 100 Safer Days of Summer campaign.

How Does HumX Work?

The HumX makes virtually any car a smart connected car. It not only takes some of the guesswork out of driving, but also allows your new teen driver to stay in touch with you and, if needed, emergency services while on the road.

humx by verizon visor clip

With a Bluetooth speaker that clips to your car’s visor and an OBD reader that connects to your car’s OBD II port, HumX is simple and easy to install. Once plugged in, all you have to do is download the free app to connect your phone to the system and you can conveniently view all diagnostic information collected by the OBD reader. Have an older vehicle? No worries – it is compatible with more than 150 million cars that are 1996 and newer.

How Can Hum by Verizon Help Give Parents Peace of Mind?

Most parents worry about the safety of their new drivers. Are they driving within the speed limit? Are they drag racing at every stop light? Are they using their phone or texting while driving?

We all know teens are glued to their phones. Phones and social media are life these days. It can be tempting to use your phone while driving, especially when you’re waiting to hear if Johnny asked Sally to the dance or how many likes your Instagram photo received in the last 3 minutes. With HumX, your teen driver can make a call to their top three contacts on the road with just the push of a button on the HumX speaker attached to their visor. You can feel better knowing your teen can still feel and be connected, while keeping both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

humx by verizon safety score

You can also ease your worries about how fast they’re driving or if they are coming to a skidding stop regularly, since HumX tell you if you need to have that conversation. Using the Hum app, you can set boundaries and even check the safety score of the driver. How? It collects information during each drive and creates the safety score based on the driver’s skills. It tracks sharp cornering, high speeds, phone usage during driving, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. This gives parents a clear picture of how their new driver is doing, even when there is no parent in the car.

Tip: The app also allows you to share safety scores and keep a leaderboard to rank scores among family and friends. This would be a great way to give your teen driver incentive to drive safer with a friendly competition. Perhaps those with the best safety score get some extra privileges?

If you find your teen may need to learn some more practical driving skills, check out programs like B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe). Their mission is to help teens further develop safe and responsible driving habits through their free, defensive driving program.

How Can HumX Keep New Teen Drivers Safe?

What happens when something goes wrong? Luckily, HumX has so many things a new driver might need while on the road. They can call for emergency assistance, contact a mechanics hotline if there is an issue, or ask for help if the car is stolen.

Kids are not usually known for their responsibility (or attention to detail), so it’s really handy that the Hum app tracks vehicle diagnostics and lets you know if something is wrong with the car. You know, those lights and beeps that usually get ignored but probably shouldn’t be. There are also maintenance reminders for oil changes, tire rotation, and anything else a vehicle usually needs on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, HumX does not come with a portable repair man but it does have a mechanics hotline ready for their use! Beyond having HumX at their disposal, give your new driver the knowledge and resources needed to handle smaller issues they will encounter as every day drivers with these car maintenance tips for teens.

humx by verizon speed

We love that HumX has so many things a new driver will need on the road, and with the app, you can keep an eye on where they are and how they are driving. Technology is changing the way we navigate the world, and this innovative gadget is paving the way to safer roads. Check out Hum by Verizon on Facebook for more helpful tips on how to stay safe while driving this summer.

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