Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is the sixth installment of the Tinker Bell movie series. This past weekend, I caught a sneak peek of the movie with my family. My eight year old has watched all of the previous Tinker Bell movies, so we were excited to watch this latest one!

The movie opens with Fawn, the fairy who loves all animals, pushing a cart that contains Hannah the Hawk inside of a basket. Fawn had rescued the baby hawk and nursed her broken wing. Now that Hannah is on the mend, it is time to set her free! However, hawks are predators in Pixie Hollow, so Fawn has to be extra careful carting around her precious cargo.

When Tinker Bell sees Fawn, naturally she tries to help her take Hannah back to the forest. However the hawks who are on alert, sense that their baby hawk is near and try to find Hannah, thus scaring the animals in the forest and sending the fairies running for cover. After Fawn receives a stern talking to from Queen Clarion who rules Pixie Hollow, Fawn promises to think with her head before acting from her heart.


While teaching some baby bunnies to practice their hopping, Fawn hears the wails of a hurt animal. She knows that she shouldn’t investigate, but the calls of an animal in pain drives her to investigate. Flying deep underground, she discovers the NeverBeast with a thorn in his paw. Acting on instinct, she quickly devises a plan to remove the thorn from the NeverBeast, thus earning his trust.

In time, the NeverBeast and Fawn develop a deep bond and friendship. Fawn decides to name him “Gruff” because of his surly behavior. One day, she observes him building a stone tower in a field. When one of the boulders gets loose and flattens the flower bed that belongs to some nearby fairies in Sunflower Meadow, it triggers an investigation by Nyx, the Scout Fairy (voiced by Rosario Dawson).

Rosario as Nyx

Nyx discovers the mythology that surrounds Gruff. According to the legend, a comet that falls from the sky awakens the NeverBeast, which creates a series of events that can lead to danger of the inhabitants of Pixie Hollow. Nyx and the rest of the Scouts decide to hunt Gruff down to ensure that nothing bad happens to Pixie Hollow. Fawn and her fairy friends believe in their hearts that Gruff is not capable of the destruction that the myth reveals. So they set off to find him first before Nyx and the Scout Fairies get to him.

Will Nyx and the rest of the Scout Fairies succeed in taking Gruff down? Is Gruff really the evil NeverBeast or is it just a legend? Will Fawn and the rest of her fairy friends find Gruff in time to prove that he is just a misunderstood creature? You’ll just have to watch the movie to see how it ends!






Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is rated G. It is available in stores and online on DVD and Blu-Ray now!


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  1. This movie was a bit strange for a Tinkerbell movie although we did really enjoy it. I think I was expecting more of Tinkerbell and a dragon type story. Not all Fawn and an electric creature set forth to save Pixie Hollow every 1000 years. Sometime different is good!


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