Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Move

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Moving is expensive and can cause overwhelming amounts of stress. However, with careful planning, you can reduce the cost and make the move enjoyable. 

You’ve just received a job offer too good to turn down. Unfortunately, you currently live on the west coast and the job offer is in NYC. For the past month, you’ve had an ongoing search for rental properties located in safe NYC neighborhoods. You received a call that the one you want is now available and it’s time to get the ball in motion. 

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Renting a Truck Versus Hiring Professional Movers

One thing to remember is that everything you own is on the truck. A long trek across the country can become very stressful, especially when traveling through congested cities during rush hour. If you decide to rent a truck and make the trip on your own, you will have to deal with possible accidents and traffic. On the other hand, if you hire movers, they are responsible for your cargo reaching the destination.

Supplying Your Own Boxes

If you decide that hiring movers makes sense, you can reduce the written estimate. Their boxes are already included in the price. If you supply your own boxes you can remove that portion from the bill. Establishments such as restaurants and liquor, grocery, and book stores are a few places to conduct your search for free boxes. Just make sure that you use the same number and size of boxes listed on the invoice. If you go over even one box the cost increases. 

Reducing the Inventory

Moving provides a golden opportunity to unload unwanted items and do spring cleaning ahead of the season. Every item you bring with you will consume valuable space on a moving truck. The larger the space, the higher the cost to you. Anything that you are not sure about, give it 24 hours before committing. When the time ends if you still want it, then add it to the inventory. If the items you decide not to take are still in good condition, donate or sell them privately. 

Packing Up

Moving companies also charge by the hour for packing up your belongings. Packing up boxes on your own will help you continue to reduce the estimate. Get an early start so that you have the time to complete the packing process without stressing over timelines. Items such as tools, out-of-season furniture, and clothing you can pack early. Then about a week before the move, go room by room and pack everything that’s non-essential. 

Schedule the Move During the Off-Season

Scheduling a move during the off-season will save you hundreds. You should also plan to move during the week versus the weekend when a majority of the population moves to enjoy additional savings.

Cleaning Your Existing Home

Whether you’re selling a home or leaving a rental property, you will need to conduct a thorough cleaning before you move. This can become complicated as you need the place empty in order to complete this task. One way to achieve it in a day after the movers leave is to have your family and friends come over to help. As a reward for their efforts, you provide lunch for all. You’ll avoid the necessity of hiring a cleaning service and get a chance to see everyone before you leave. 

Book a Hotel Early

With movers driving your furnishings across the country it will take several days and maybe even a week until they arrive at your new home. This will leave several days open to clean up your space prior to delivery. However, you’ll need a place to stay until it arrives. Make sure to add to your to-do list booking a hotel room for a few days. The earlier you do it, the better the rates. 

You’re moving to New York City. It gives you a chance to experience a different lifestyle. Planning your move ahead of time will make the process less expensive and more enjoyable. 


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