Don’t let jet lag ruin your trip with these tips to wake up and go

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As wonderful as travel may be for the spirit and the mind, jetting across the world can be hard on one’s body. Despite our best efforts, jet lag can easily get the best of us but when there are things to do and places to explore, what’s a gal to do?

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Tips To Beat Jet Lag When You Travel

Leave home well rested

Making sure you begin your journey on a full tank will help manage the jet lag tremendously when you land. This means packing ahead of time and not leaving the little details until the last minute, otherwise you will find yourself running around like a mad woman the night before – or even the morning of – your flight, instead of resting.

Use the flight to rest

I have no problems using a flight to sleep. Make sure your belongings are secure so you can rest easy without worrying and bring along a small travel blanket, pillow and even a sleep mask. If you can’t sleep on a plane consider bringing along a book or listening to some tunes while you relax. I’ve created my own “sleepy time” iTunes playlist that I use when I travel and it works like a charm! I’m usually snoring loudly by song 2.

Manage your itinerary

It can be tempting to pack your days as full as possible when visiting a new destination, but running yourself ragged isn’t going to help matters. That doesn’t mean you have to be early to bed, instead try taking leisurely meals that allow you to recharge or perhaps stealing an afternoon siesta. Avoiding late nights before early mornings will help too. Last but not least try to avoid thinking about what time it is at home, you will only make yourself more tired!

Use lavender oil

The key to beating jet lag is making sure you’re tired when you’re supposed to be so that you can get a good nights sleep and take on the next day. Lavender oil has been proven to help people relax and enhance sleep which makes it a perfect travel companion. Just shake a few drops into your pillow and let it work it’s magic.

A good cup of coffee

If there is one thing that can pull me out of bed in the morning it’s the smell of liquid gold. Most hotels provide a coffee pot or at least free flowing coffee near the lobby. I’ve actually had some really great complimentary coffee but I’m not above bringing my own either! Sometimes it’s nice having small comforts from home no matter where you go, plus, the caffeine gives me the boost I need to get out the door in the morning.

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