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Where You Need to Stay in Santa Fe

Amidst the red and brown dessert of New Mexico, we find sanctuary at these Santa Fe hotels – immersed in lush green serenity at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort and then surrounded by art, culture, and history at La Fonda on the Plaza.  I touched down in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a …

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Retreat from Technology in Algarve Portugal

When was the last time you truly disconnected from technology and connected with friends? For most of us, it’s been a while. It’s now common and accepted (if annoying) to constantly be checking our phones, answering texts and updating social media, even in situations where we should be offering our …

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Beach Bum Adventures in Myrtle Beach

Thanks to KAYAK for partnering on this post. How do you plan a killer bachelorette party? It isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. One of my best friends from childhood is getting married, and she wants a trip rather than a “traditional” party…No bar crawls or ahem…entertainment. …

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The Fearless Woman Behind Chicabrava

Is there a dream in your life that has faded away with time? What was it that held you back from achieving it? Was it lack of funding, self-doubt or maybe just the realities of juggling everyday life? As the saying goes, “Life goes on…” Unfortunately, we often let life …

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Chicabrava Surf Camp, Nicaragua

Do you ever have those moments when you don’t recognize your life? When you can’t help but wonder how the events of your world have led up to the unfamiliar second in time you suddenly find yourself experiencing? That was me as I stood clinging to a surfboard in the …

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Girlfriends, Getaways and Atlantis

As teenagers, girlfriend getaways are a bonding experience. A way to really get to know your friends’ personalities and create tent poles to build your relationship on. By the time you’re an adult with a job, significant other and children, the girlfriend getaway takes on new meaning. It’s a way …

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Adventure Palm Springs

Tell people you’re headed to Palm Springs for a getaway, and you’ll likely conjure up one of several images: golf games, shopping, spas and very hipster music festivals. And while Palm Springs does offer ample opportunities to experience each of these, the truth is that it is this and so …

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Found: The Ultimate in Las Vegas Luxury

I’ve never had any desire to visit Las Vegas, only knowing the city as an adult’s playground. I wasn’t turned off by the idea but it wasn’t a place I would pick for a vacation destination either. Imagine my surprise when I was invited out to experience The Wynn Las Vegas …

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6 Must Do’s on a Girlfriends Getaway Cruise

Last week Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, condemning this Midwesterner to six more long weeks of winter. But having just returned from a week cruise in the Caribbean on the MSC Divina, I can face this cold fate with new resilience. The MSC Divina is the perfect girlfriends getaway choice. …

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Upgrade Your Vacation With All Star Vacation Homes

Sometimes, vacations call for something a bit beyond hotel rooms. Whether you’re traveling with your immediate family, celebrating a family reunion, or going on a group vacation, vacation home rentals can be a great alternative to standard vacation lodging, providing a great central hub for everyone to gather in downtime, …

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A Mandatory Kissimmee Pit Stop: Fun Spot USA

Sometimes, the most memorable moments on vacation occur when you least expect them to. During my recent media trip to experience Kissimmee, Florida, that moment certainly happened at Fun Spot USA. What was meant to be a one or two hour pit stop before heading off to dinner at Columbia …

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“I Just Want to Be Wonderful” at Marilyn Monroe Spas

Words can mean many things to many people, but despite language barriers, backgrounds, and age groups, the name Marilyn Monroe symbolizes one thing: beauty. It was Marilyn herself who said “I just want to be wonderful,” and indeed she was. Due to her timeless beauty, effortless sex appeal and flirty …

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One Good Reason to Get Up at 4am on Vacation

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am much more likely to go to bed at 4 a.m., than I am to get up that early in the morning. Unless…I’m crossing an item off my bucket list!! Cruising the Arizona skies from the Rainbow Ryders basket with five of …

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Delicious Eats at a Different Pointe of View

On our first night staying on the Phoenix mountainside at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, we were spoiled during dinner at the Different Pointe of View restaurant. For more than 25 years, Different Pointe of View has been one of the hottest dining destinations in the Phoenix area. The amazing views from …

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Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort Offers More Than Amazing Views

When we headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the very first Bloggers Go girlfriend getaway, there were a few things we knew we could count on. It would be sunny – since Phoenix has 300+ days a year of sunshine. We were going to have fun – because when we’re together, no matter …

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Fly Like an Eagle in a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

My friend Kas and I kicked off the most spectacular Bloggers Go Girlfriends Getaway in Phoenix, Arizona by crossing an item off both our bucket lists. Thanks to Viator, we signed up for their Grand Canyon helicopter tour – a leisurely road trip through miles and miles of gorgeous Arizona scenery followed by a breathtaking birds eye …