Traveling With Your Smartphone: Apps, Accessories and Saving on Data

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Whether you’re watching a movie, checking on directions, or just taking a few selfies, your smartphone has become an indispensable travel companion. Join us as we look at the numerous ways mobile devices can add to the fun while you’re on the road and what you need to know before you take your smartphone overseas!

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Travel Apps

The Best Apps for Travel

These travel apps can help you book, budget, converse, explore and do so much more to make the most of your travels.

Kayak allows you to scan hotels, flights and rental cars to get the latest deals, which can be filtered by airline, price, flight duration and more. It has a load of other features too, including a travel manager to store your itineraries (and send you notifications if your flight is delayed) and a built-in currency exchange.  But perhaps the most favorite feature is flight alerts. It will track a fare for a specific itinerary and send you alerts when the price goes up or down.

Available for: Android™, iOS and BlackBerry®

2. Triposo
Triposo is like an old-school guidebook on your phone. It gathers info on more than 30,000 destinations and packages them into guides. You can explore, bookmark and even book directly from the app. It even offers language assists and allows you to download complete city guides ahead of time to use offline – perfect for avoiding costly data overseas! 

Available for: Android and iOS

3. Google Translate
Google Translate gives you instant translations of 90 languages worldwide, from Japanese and Dutch to Hindi and Basque. Translate in either direction, with the option to speak, type or scrawl phrases. Results are provided as both audio recordings and text (with a pronunciation guide). The “Word Lens” feature even lets you aim your camera at a sign or text to get a translation. 

Available for: Android and iOS

You can find more awesome travel apps with Verizon’s 5 Best Travel Apps   and check out our Must Have Travel Apps for Android.

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Awesome Travel Accessories

  1. A portable phone charger to keep your lifeline available at all times. 
  2. Mobile Hotspot because, take it from us, hotel wifi can be spotty.
  3. Bluetooth headphones are a must for long flights.
  4. Noice cancelling headphones – if you want the option of peace and quiet. Ideal for planes with crying babies!
  5. A spare memory card.
  6. Portable wireless speakers are perfect for relaxing poolside or seaside.
  7. Travel Bundles offer several important accessories at once like case, travel charger and screen protector. 

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  1. I work in my car from time to time. That mobile hotspot would come in handy. I feel like I used to have one… hmm…

  2. This post is so important. My daughter used up all her data on her tablet last month. Thank goodness my hubby bought us a hotspot adapter.


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