From Verizon FiOS to Frontier FiOS: Your Big Questions Answered

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If you’re like most people, change can be scary. We like our routines. We like knowing that (insert favorite show) resides at (it’s channel number) without needing to pull up the guide. And generally, we don’t like change! But sometimes change is necessary and it’s nearly as scary as we think. In fact, there can even be something exciting about change.  On April 1st Verizon services in California, Texas and Florida moved to the Frontier network. That means if you currently have Internet, TV or Voice service–including FiOS®–it is now provided by Frontier Communications.

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Your Big Questions Answered:

Who is Frontier?

Frontier Communications is an S&P 500 company and is included in the Fortune 1000 list of America’s largest corporations. Similar to Verizon, Frontier offers technology products and services to both residential and business customers, including high-speed broadband, advanced voice products, satellite video and personal online and data security solutions.

Will My Bill Go Up??

Verizon is known for offering it’s customers exceptional customer service at competitive prices. The good news is, Frontier plans to continue to charge the same rates for services that were provided by Verizon. Although there may be minor variations due to variations in state fees and taxes.

Will My FiOS DVR or Remote Control Change?

Nope! No need to learn new buttons, channel numbers, or DVR commands here. Frontier will utilize the same DVR equipment and same remote control functions.

Will my FiOS® or High-Speed Internet download or upload speeds change?

Again, the answer here is No. Your speeds will not change. Frontier will maintain the same speeds you previously had with Verizon.

Will my Verizon Wireless (Cellular) Service be affected? 

“Yeah but, I heard…”


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.15.38 PM

So far, you’re hearing a lot of ‘No’ and for once, that’s a good thing! But a few things will change.

  • If you have Verizon FiOS apps, you will have to change to the Frontier app.
  • You will need to pay your final Verizon invoice by calling Frontier’s automated phone line at 1.800.801.6652.  OR using one of Frontier’s walk-in payment locations OR make a one-time payment with your Verizon account number on Frontier’s website.   
  • Verizon logos will be converted to Frontier logos across platforms.
  • You will need to create a new Frontier ID. Which is great news if you have outgrown ILoveJonasBros1234 but if you haven’t….I’m betting it’s still available. 

Now this probably hasn’t answered all of your questions but never fear, Frontier is here to help. Head on over to to find out more information including more information about residential and business changes (or lack there of) for DVR, Bill Pay, FiOS Voice, Internet, mobile apps and more! 


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  1. I bet a lot of people were freaking out about this big change. It will take some getting used to but before you know it they will adjust to the new changes.

  2. I don’t have Fios in my area but I’ll be looking into this new company more to see. Thanks for sharing about it.


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