10 Ways to Make Bathtime Fun

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Bath time is one of my most favorite times of the day.  It’s a signal that the day is drawing to a close and soon my husband and I will get a few hours to ourselves to catch up on the Netflix. It’s a great way for my preschooler to wind down and get in a little more creative play in her day and it requires little effort on my part after the inital bathing and of course keeping an eye on her. Given just a few toys and some bubble bath, my daughter can keep herself entertained until she is a wrinkly prune and I’m forcing her out of the bath. What’s great is that fun in the tub doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just a few props and kids can keep themselves entertained. 


10 Ways to Make Bathtime Fun 

  1. Drop colored ice cubes in the bathtub and watch your toddler chase them around before they melt, dying the water.
  2. Let kids go “fishing” with a magnet attached to fishing pole and some magnet ABC letters. 
  3. Just a little food coloring in bubbles or the water can make bath time all the more interesting. 
  4. Pull out those watercolors and let your toddler paint the bath!
  5. Let kids put on a show with washcloth puppets in the tub. Use bubbles to create a stage and the watercolors for their own DIY backdrop. 
  6. Use rubber duckies and straws to have bathtime races.
  7. Play a simple game of iSpy.
  8. Grab a few small toys and a colander. Spend some time “sifting” for treasure.
  9. Use spray bottles or squirt guns! You would be surprised at how much fun kids have just spraying the walls, bubbles, themselves – maybe even mom! Make it more fun with a little food coloring.  
  10. Add a little music! It’s a super simple  way to make bath time a little fun and exciting! 

Water, water everywhere. As fun as bathtime can be for kids, it can be hard on mom and dad. Being bent over the tub for long periods leaves me with a hunch in my aching back. Wouldn’t it be great if bathtime was fun and easier?  With ComforTrack technology it might be. The Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology is a new bath and shower door with a flexible bottom track that supports the shower door’s glide and yields an easier, safer day-to-day use for the family. 


Unlike other tracks, the ComforTrack has a flexible cushion that bends to pressure which means you can sit, kneel or lean on the track, no more hunching over. Not only can you stop kneeling, but since the tub can now be closed off you might even eliminate some of that water on the floor. 

What are your bath time routines or tips?

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Bathtime Fun”

  1. That’s cool! I’ll show this to my husband, he usually bathes the boys and I know hunching over like that can really bother his back. What a great invention!

  2. Looks like you have some great ideas. The colored cubes would be something new for us. We love bringing toys in. It keeps them busy and clean too.

  3. My son LOVES the bathtub, but I think he would love to do some of these things in the bath! Thanks for the fun tips!


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