20 Wedding Survival Kit Must-Haves for the Bride and Her Girls

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Preparing for a wedding is just about clinically insane. Lists become the friend you never knew you loved and still everything is missing when you need it most. One of the best ways to combat “it was just here” syndrome is with a wedding day tote filled with essentials  to help your best girl friend down the aisle without a hitch (or only to get hitched? Bad pun, sorry).

  • Lip Balm: In a pinch, a good moisturizing lip balm can help keep lipstick moist and act as a smoother for uneven lip liner. Plus, you want soft lips to kiss the groomsmen with!
  • Cough drops:  Anxiety can lead to increased breathing, which means your mouth will be nice and dry by the time the ceremony comes around. Avoid a mid-I do cough with a cough drop or hard candy.
  • Safety pins: Things are guaranteed to need safety pins. This is a given.
  • Airplane sized alcohol: Someone is going to need a shot if the bride is to make it down the aisle, so whether you’re coping with bridezilla or calming a nervous wreck, keep a tiny bottle of booze on standby.


  • Friction Block Stick: Apply to your feet before putting on your shoes to prevent blisters that could get in the way of dancing the night away. The stick is compact enough to fit in even the smallest of suitcase pockets, or even cleavage (if necessary).
  • Aspirin: Use over-the-counter pain medication to help with headaches or soreness in the morning, so that by the time you’re partying, you’re not mixing alcohol and something for pain.
  • Deodorant: Instead of drowning your armpits in the morning, steadily reapply throughout the day to avoid deodorant and sweat stains. If it’s warm, don’t be afraid to “Paulie Bleeker” your inner thighs.
  • Gum: After your last meal, pop a piece of gum to freshen your breath before the ceremony and help clean up anything stuck in your teeth. Save a piece in case you get hungry before dinnertime to curb your appetite.
  • Antibiotic Ointment: If you have a cut or scrape before the wedding day (or have a popped blemish), using Neosporin will help prevent infection and minimize the appearance of scars.
  • Sunscreen: If you’ll be outdoors, use sunscreen before you start your make-up, and keep a light spray variety for touch ups and your body. Apply the sunscreen to your arms, chest, back, and legs before you put on the dress to avoid lines.
  • Snacks: Many a bride has gone without eating the while prepping for her ceremony. A hungry bride isn’t a happy bride so make sure you pack some energy boosting edibles or whatever her favorite munchie is.
  • Q-tips: You never know when these guys will come in handy. Make-up application or removal, jewelry polishing, removing stains from clothing, throw-away toothbrushes, and even cold compresses for baggy eyes (just dip them in ice water).
  • Nail Tools: Its bound to happen. A chip, break, snag – you name it. Have a nail file and some nail clippers on hand to take care of any manicure or pedicure woes. The clippers can also double as scissors to snip off any frays or tags.

ban total refresh cooling body cloths

    • Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body ClothsThe day is long & you will be surprised at how many times a moist towelette will be helpful to fix a makeup smudge or when the bride accidentally bumps into something. Plus, they have this really great cooling, non-stick superfine powder so it’s a great way for a stressed out bride to take a quick breather, refresh and continue on with her day. I wish I would have had these for my destination wedding in the Dominican Republic! They would have been great way to wipe off the sweat and nervousness while I was waiting to walk down the aisle in the warm humidity! TIP: This product is so hot right now, that it is sold out at most major retailers. Try eBay if you can’t find them in the deodorant aisle at your favorite store!
    • Coconut water: Coconut water is extremely hydrating, and will assist in preventing tomorrow’s hangover in addition to keeping you afloat through the ceremony.
    • Mascara: When the tears start flowing, this is the one you’ll need to reapply most. Use the tip of the wand to double as eye liner at the reception if you want to amp up your look for nighttime.
    • Feminine Supplies: Aunt Flo always shows up at the worst times. Get 7 or 8 girls together and chances are at least one will need something!
    • Bobby pins:  Aside from helping with hair, sometimes bobby pins are a better choice for cinching together fabric that is too delicate for needles or too thick for a safety pin.

Most importantly…

  • Water! Keep hydrated. Encourage other bridesmaids, the bride, photographers, and anyone you see to drink water. A steady water intake should eliminate any sudden restroom urges, and holding back two hours before the ceremony should avoid any need to go with your dress (and Spanx, and tights, and slip, and…) on. If you do take a sip shortly before the ceremony, go for room temperature.

It may seem like a lot, but that’s because it is! Do you want your bride to remember this as the day you passed out with blisters, a broken strap, a sunburn, garlic breath, and a hangover? That’s what I thought.

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  1. Anything can go wrong during a wedding and if it happens, it can easily ruin the day. This is a great list to help minimize if not avoid unpleasant things that may spoil the wedding. Thanks for this list. I would surely recommend this to my soon-to-be married friends. :)


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