Have you ever considered buying an electric car? If you have dismissed the electric car as a new age fad, you are missing out on the many benefits it has to offer. While it may seem high tech, the electric car isn’t actually a new invention, in fact there are photos suggesting that the electric car existed as far back as 1884! Now, more than ever, the electric car is becoming more important as the US struggles with dependence on foreign oil supplies and continued effects of global warming. If you have been a skeptic about the EV, here is why you should reconsider.   

Kia Soul EV

Quiet Ride and Smooth Driving

Compared to the combustion engine, electric cars are very quiet and offer a much smoother ride. Electric cars don’t have gears which means they have the same amount of torque at any speed eliminating the jerky “stop and go” like that of a gas powered car in a traffic jam. As a nation constantly searching for the next best thing, the EV is leaps and bounds ahead of the combustion engine.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Can you imagine no more trips to the gas station? Instead, just plug in and charge before you hit the road. Without gas, oil changes are also obsolete increasing your overall savings. Some districts offer reserved or free parking for electric cars adding to your savings.

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No Tailpipe Emissions

More than a half ton of carbon dioxide is emitted when 60 gallons of gas is used to power a car. With an electric car, there are no carbon dioxide emissions because there is no tailpipe! By using an electric vehicle you are reducing your carbon footprint and reducing pollution.

Electric Cars are Cooler

I mean this literally. Electric cars give off less heat than gas powered cars. Recent research from Michigan State University uncovered this benefit and claimed this may help reduce heat island effect as more and more people switch to electric. The heat island effect is essentially areas in cities that are hotter than surrounding rural areas because of human activity. With EVs that produce less heat, in the long run this could contribute to less cooling needs as well as less energy used.  


Tax Incentives

Depending on your state, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit up to $7,500 with the purchase of an electric vehicle. What could you do with all the extra money? You can find a copy of the tax credit application here.

More Reliable

With less parts, there is less of a likelihood to break down. The battery will need to be replaced from time to time, but an electric vehicle does not have the myriad of engine parts as those of a gas powered car. Many electric vehicles also come with a longer warranty as well which is more savings in the event of a defect or performance failure.

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Additional Benefits

With the purchase of an electric car, many insurance companies offer discounts. Some electric companies also offer lower rates for at home charging and depending on your state you could be eligible for a rebate if you install your own home charging station.

The world is slowly moving toward the electric car, and companies around the nation are literally providing cost saving incentives to switch to electric. Among the electric vehicles, the 2016 Kia Soul EV is making it easier than ever to drive an efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle. Starting around $21,000, the Kia Soul EV has a range of 90 miles on one charge, and for those suffering from “range anxiety” Kia has added up to date live battery data so you are always in control. You can even sync the car to your smartphone and control your charging schedule. When you are out of battery, the Soul can be charged from a regular household outlet! It comes standard with a DC fast charge which can charge an empty battery to 80% in just 30 minutes. The Kia Soul is designed to make the transition to electric as seamless as possible.


In order to stay true to the green car philosophy, Kia has used bio-based materials for the EV Soul, and it is the first car with a “true” driver-only ventilation. When driving alone, the driver can push a button to stop the foot well and dashboard ventilation in the passenger areas making the car run more efficiently. The Soul EV also features a regenerative braking system that returns unused energy back to the battery when the car decelerates or goes down hill. Kia is creating the future of car buying, and now is the perfect time to make a change that will save you money and help save the environment. Discover more cost saving benefits of the electric car from Kia.

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[infobox]If you still aren’t sold, this week is National Drive Electric Week. Check the schedule to find an event near you and explore the benefits of going electric.  [/infobox]

Kia provided a Soul EV as a loaner vehicle for a first hand experience. All opinions remain my own.

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