Four Awesome Windows Apps for the Holidays

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Psst… Don’t tell Daddy but his Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet came in the mail and we may have opened it. We may have also taken it over. It’s best if you don’t know the details, you know – Santa is watching and all that. Speaking of Santa watchin… we totally found him thanks to the exclusive Windows NORAD Tracks Santa app. We also played around with 3 other awesome apps exclusive to Windows.

Norad Tracks Santa

Not surprisingly, he is hanging out at the North Pole, busy preparing for Christmas, but the count down is on and according to Norad we’re just over 14 days away! Once Christmas Eve arrives we will be able to track Santa in real time as he travels the world delivering gifts. We can see where’s he’s been and where he’s headed next. You can even learn more about how and why NORAD tracks Santa, watch videos about the journey, play games, and hear special holiday greetings.

 Sesame Street

Sesame Street Touch & Learn TV turns TV Viewing into an interactive experience my toddler loved. Over the course of the either 20minute episodes kids can search for a variety of hidden objects.

Crayola Photo Mix and Mash

With Crayola Photo Mix & Mash my toddler had a blast morphing her pictures into funny works of art. The free app offers features including morph, crop, stamp, draw, filter, and more. We can use pictures of our puppies, take selfies or use preloaded images. Then the works can be customized with text, sounds, backgrounds, and borders. Finally, we can print her masterpieces or share them via social networks.

Hallmark Go Card

I’m not the only one who hasn’t sent out holiday cards right? Good news, it’s not too late for us procrastinators. With the Hallmark Go Cards app we can create personalized greeting cards right from our tablets. Add a photo from your camera roll, snap one while using the app, or download it from Windows SkyDrive.  Then personalized the card with inspiration and ideas from the Message Library. Then it’s just a matter of adding your signature and saving your favorite cards to rework and send again.

Disclaimer: I am a Windows Champion blogger. Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet and information for this post was provided by Microsoft, but all opinions remain my own.

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