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Fun and Creative Ways to ReUse K Cups and Coffee Grounds

When you drink as much coffee as I do, you start looking for creative ways to re-purpose coffee grounds and K-cups. Instead of tossing them in the trash, there are so many more fun and creative ways to use them that will help the environment (and your pocketbook!).

Not only are K-cups great for starting seedlings before transferring to a garden, but they also make cool hanging planters for small spaces or a learning project for your toddlers.

k cup planters 2

We like to use them as planters to brighten up corners of our home or they also make great centerpieces! (Complete tutorial coming soon!)

This creative mom at Entirely Smitten, made her K-cups into custom stampers for the kids!

k cups crafts

My son is currently fascinated by insects, especially ladybugs and likes to bring them inside and watch them. I love the idea of making a bug observatory from a K-cup!

Heather at turned her K-Cups into fun Easter Bunny treat holders!

bunny k cups

And if you’re really feeling crafty and need a creative space to store all your k-cups, check out this awesome DIY K-Cup Chalkboard Organizer from!


How many of you re-use your coffee grounds? Did you know that coffee grounds can be re-used for all sorts of useful things around your home? So while you’re prepping your use K-Cups for other projects, be sure to save those used coffee grounds too and try some of these handy hosuehold tips:

  • Use as mulch and work well with acid-loving plants like roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, hydrangeas and camellias
  • Creates a great environment for bait worms or in your compost. Mix the grounds in with the soil and then add the worms. The nutrients in the coffee extend their lifespan!
  • Placing a bowl of dried coffee grounds in your refrigerator can neutralize odors from spoiled food.
  • Adding coffee grounds to your garden will deter cats from using it as a litter-box while also repelling ants and slugs.
  • Make a non-toxic roach trap by filling a large glass jar with 1/4 of water. Place a small cup containing wet coffee grounds inside the jar and place it next to a wall. The roaches are attracted by the smell, but will drown in the water!

What ways have you found to re-use your coffee grounds and K-cups?

Jeana Shandraw

Jeana Shandraw

Rarely caught without a camera, Jeana is an adventurous traveler with a passion for people, cultures and food that has led her to 38 countries in 5 years. When she's not using her powers for social good, she enjoys photography, cooking and building LEGOs with her son. On occasion, you may also find her crocheting cute things to hide in her husband's underwear drawer.

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    Truly you have presented so creative ideas. I like your ideas and decorations.

  2. Sherri
    December 19, 2013 at 9:03 pm — Reply

    I love the Grove Square Hot Cocoa and Caza Trail Hazelnut. Yummy!

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