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5 Ways to ReUse Coffee Grounds

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5 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

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I find it fascinating that everyday household products can do so much more than the task they were meant for. For instance, I know do just about all of my house hold cleaning with vinegar, but they are many other household products than can perform a double duty – like coffee grounds.

5 Ways to ReUse Coffee Grounds

  1. Coffee grounds are highly effective deodorizers easily getting rid of smells from smells like garlic and fish. Just rub the used coffee grounds in your hands like you would soap.
  2. Combine coffee grounds with coconut oil and just a bit of brown sugar and you’ll have yourself a homemade body scrub for the shower.
  3. Pouring coffee grounds in your compost not only masks the smell, but actually helps food degrade faster by stabilizing the pH level! Bonus: Coffee grounds are a good source of nutrients for plants.
  4. Sprinkle Coffee Grounds in your garden to keep snails and slugs away!
  5. Skip the expensive facials. Coffee grounds remove dead skin and don’t irritate your face! Just rub the grounds on and rinse off. Get creative by combining used coffee grounds with pureed avocado or honey.

Coffee is the perfect morning pick me up but it’s also a slug repellent, exfoliator and body scrub – who knew? In addition to being able to reuse coffee grounds, you can waste even less by picking up the new Maxwell House Cafe Collection Single Serve cups.

House Rule: The best cup of coffee is one that’s on the house.

The cups are available at Walmart and there is even a $1 off coupon to help you save.  You can also visit Walmart online to check out the Maxwell House Rules and create your own on the magnet board.

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