Monsters University Outfit Ideas for Summer #MonstersUPremiere

Monsters Inc. Outfit Ideas

With the release of “Monsters University” this June, I started thinking back to my college days and how I lived in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops.  Casual attire is pretty universal on any college campus, but some students also show off their flair for fashion with outfits fit for magazines. If you like to put together outfits for every occasion, here are some Monsters Inc. outfit ideas.


Mike Wazowski

Chuck Taylors, denim skirt and shades are perfect for chillin’ like a villain monster.

Mike Wazowski
Neon is in this spring and always in when you’re Mike Wazoswki.
Mike Wazowski
I love the cute bag. This looks like something I would have worn in high school!

Sullivan by jami1990 featuring pendant jewelry

How cute is that fur bag? Perfect monster accessory!

Sem título #83

The perfect look for watching a movie, laying around the house, or going to the beach!

Boo by jami1990 featuring slim jeans
My favorite look inspired by Boo!




Randall Boggs
I love purple and this outfit inspired by Boggs is so chic!
{monsters inc. inspired}
This sweater is perfect for any Monsters Inc. fan!
Isn’t that snail ring the bomb?
Monsters Inc. Outfit Ideas
These nails are so cool! (Source: Britney Tokyo)
Monsters Inc. Outfit Ideas
Here’s another cute nail idea! (Source: Smosh)
Which outfit is your favorite? Have you ever worn an outfit inspired by the movie to the theater?
“Monsters University” begins enrolling students on June 21. I’ll be attending opening day of school June 17th so follow along at #MonstersUPremiere on Twitter. Check back for the official style report from the carpet!
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