First there was the man cave, a place where a guy can escape form the world. Until now, the only comparable thing women had were oversized powder rooms, walk-in closets, or perhaps a craft room. Until now.15 She Sheds to Inspire You

Meet the “she shed.” Never heard of a she shed?  It’s a backyard haven for women. Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some peace and quiet, to create, write, paint or just enjoy the view.  

She Shed 1This gorgeous she shed via Heather Bullard is a garden shed elevated and perfect for a gal with a green thumb. 

She Shed 2

This Indianesque she shed via Good To Grow makes me want to sit down a few of the girls for glass of wine!

She Shed 3If you’re looking for something that will blend right into the back yard this She Shed by Jamie and Gemma Dix via is just right. 

She Shed 4

The beach is my happy place and I’m always looking for ways to bring it in. Coastal Home nailed it with their design, I love the way the walls open up to make the most of the ocean views. 

She Shed 5

Another gorgeous she shed from Better Homes and Gardens

She Shed 6

Purple is my favorite color so I was immediately drawn to this beautiful she shed from Cottage Gardening. I love the way it looks lik a small house. 

She Shed 7

Doesn’t this design from House to Home scream chic to you? 

She Shed 8

I love the rustic but very girl design that Wooden House gave this tiny shed. 

She Shed 9

Believe it or not but this She shed from Cuprinol via is styled after a Nissen hut. I love how big and spacious it looks! 

She Shed 10

This little cottage from  Ann and Brian Bailey via looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! 

She Shed 11

As does this one from Wooden House, check out that thatch roof! 

She Shed 12

I can’t get enough of all the windows from this design by Pineapple Room. It’s perfect for those with a private backyard or atleast a privacy fence. 

She Shed 13

This is one of the few industrial looking She Shed’s I’ve seen and I love the way Post City designed it! 

She Shed 14

This she shed by Dot and Bo  is a little bit beachy and a little bit chic which I love. Although I might add a chaise lounge and a desk. 


 Since she sheds are
a relatively new idea, Best Buy decided to make one. It’s incredible how the “Before” turned into the “After” with a simple but gorgeous design, plenty of storage and elegant furniture. It’s just the place where a girl can leave stress and responbility at the door for a few hours. 5

Inside this small shed are six awesome technology features that set it apart from the rest and make it the ultimate relaxation retreat. 

  1. Extend the Wi-Fi for endless entertainment
  2. The ability to set the mood with your phone
  3. Artwork made from what would otherwise be ugly cables
  4. Hue lighting that allows you to bask in the sun (even when it rains)
  5. The ability to grant access without a key
  6. A gorgeous hidden refreshment station

She Shed GIF 2 Large

What would you want to have in your She Shed?

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


  1. I love the architecture and the designs! How I wish i have a big yard to fit one of those. I always longed for a small thinking nook to collect my thoughts instead of going to a nearby coffee shop.

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