10 Unique Ways a Portable Speaker Can Make Your Life Easier

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Summer is here. Which means barbeque and picnic invitations are filling each weekend. The art of having a spare pair of sunglasses dispersed between your bag, car, and office is in full effect. And the cornerstone of any summer event is being able to put your fine-tuned playlist on display. A pair of headphones normally gets the job done, but for a number of reasons, having a portable speaker handy is more than simply a happy medium.

ultimate ears megablast blast

Keep the party going

Music is essential. Yet, the spectrum of livening the room, to aggravating the neighbors, can be a tricky game. When finding the right device for such a task, some are a level above the rest. Ultimate Ears portable speakers incorporate Spotify, Pandora, Amazon music, and other streaming apps, because, you shouldn’t have to adapt to a speaker’s limitations. In tandem, the custom equalizer, gives you the ability to personalize your sound for any artist or music genre.

Forget potluck stress

Some people love to cook and that’s great, but for the kitchen-averse, there is an alternative option to bringing those sub par store-bought baked goods. Let the others compete for praise over their dish. Bring the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST with a full charge; once everyone eats their share, your contribution will keep on giving. No one said it’s a competition, but it will be clear who really won the cook-off.

Keep your mind fresh

Coming home from a long day of work, eating dinner, and tuning into your latest TV series has its time and place. But playing jukebox with the family or roommates is an assured way to kill the weeks monotony. Simple bluetooth connection has brought this pastime into the modern era.

Now you can listen to the iconic throwback jams without the deplorable static. Ultimate Ears incorporates two 35mm active drivers in addition to two 81mm x 39mm passive radiators. Trust us, that’s a good thing. While many products quality will sharply depreciate after a short period of use; MEGABLAST and BLAST will continue to provide a crisp and clear sound well into the future.

Travel light and loud

Whether you are traveling by boat, car, or plane; bring a slice of home to wherever you plan on staying with Ultimate Ears BLAST. Barely bigger than your water bottle, making room for this speaker is no burden.

ultimate ears blast

The fundamental reason for a bluetooth speaker is to ditch the cumbersome cords. While other competitors become wall-huggers soon after unpackaging, the battery life on the BLAST fully enables your procrastinator tendencies.

Save a trip to the gym

Today: Avoid the commute. Avoid the obnoxious spectacles at the gym. Clear some space in the living or bedroom. Press play and the Ultimate Ears BLAST will fill the room with 360° of rich sound. Time to knock-out a 30 minute home workout.

A superb addition to any charcuterie board

With 16 hours of battery life, the only thing that will limit you is the number of bottles of Zin and Pinot you brought.

Nature and technology are no longer mutually exclusive

Take it up the mountain, down to the beach, or clear across the lake. Ultimate Ears’ MEGABLAST compensates for any clumsiness with great durability. The BLAST and MEGABLAST are both dust and water resistant up to 1m, matching you step for step.

The missing piece to your weekly sporting event

Whether Saturday means a ritualistic soccer, basketball, or kickball match. Arrive to your arena sounding like a pro because no one will complain that they can’t hear the music. MEGABLAST gets the job done.

Get a permanent centerpiece

Add a touch of modernism to your kitchen or living room. Easily access music, information, and your agenda. Ultimate Ears continues to improve on the smart speaker experience, adding accessibility to Spotify through Amazon’s Alexa.

Give the gift you would want to get

Let the search for the perfect present end today. All great things are better off when shared. Like many things, BLAST is better with friends. Not only can you and your friend trade song recommendations, but the MEGABLAST speakers can sync up to 8 speakers together through wi-fi. Gamechanger.

Ultimate ears megablast

Or, claim your spot as the golden child when you hand the BLAST to your parents. Ultimate Ears focuses on user experience. The design has such simple to use controls, your parents will start to have delusions that they are tech savvy. The speaker can be intuitively controlled directly from the speaker or remotely with use of the Ultimate ears app.

Understandably, the utility of a bluetooth speaker has resulted in a flood of companies shoveling out new products…which is good for us because competition means innovation and a push towards higher quality. I think both of these attributes can be said for the Ultimate Ears BLAST and MEGABLAST.

In what ways does your Bluetooth speaker make your life easier?

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