2-in-1 laptops are the typical target for shoppers looking for an affordable all-in-one option. There’s something to be said about having your cake and eating it too, especially when it comes to the world of technology. We all want to be able to catch last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” rock out to our favorite tunes, and knock out those work reports, all while on the go. As we patiently await a laptop that can produce a quality cup of Starbucks coffee at just the touch of a button (patent pending), there are still a few out there that fit the bill for our most quintessential needs. One of which is the HP Envy x360.

hp Envy x360

7 Reasons Why the HP Envy x360 is Your Go-To 2-in-1 Laptop Option

  • If you’ve ever entertained the thought “What my laptop really needs is a tablet-like feature that allows for a 360-degree gear-based swivel,” well then you’re in luck. The convertible design is not only convenient but also sacrifices nothing in terms of power and performance. Enjoy versatile functionality for use as a laptop, tablet, and presentation tool all-in-one. Flip it anyway you’d like to produce 1 of 4 modes for whichever mood strikes you. Showing off funny cat YouTube bloopers to your co-workers and presenting a powerpoint slideshow to your boss has never been easier. And as we all know, size matters so you have a choice – the HP Envy x360 13″ or HP Envy x360 15″.
  • The sleek and decorative design makes you the envy of all those around. Not only lightweight and compact, but select versions detail a Damascus-styled etching along the back hinge. Fancy, huh? Just the thing to distinguish yourself from the more basic, solid-colored laptop crowd. Offering up a decision between metallic grey and a sexier matte black allows you a choice on which style suits you best. Now if only they made a laptop that changed colors on the fly to match what you happen to be wearing that day (Again, patent pending.)
  • Though not always the most reliable OS, Windows 10 makes up one of the many features with its familiar and easily navigable finger-touch interface. Whether you’ve previously used it or not, Microsoft Edge will be the HP Envy x360’s only offered browser. However, being faster than its competitors will likely make it your go-to choice in the long run. Longer page load times using Google’s browser have often lead to gray hairs (I wonder if there’s a correlation?) so don’t be too quick to overlook Edge’s charm. The 8GB of RAM allows for a smooth transition between open tabs, games, and other features making it an amazing choice for multitaskers.
  • Audiophiles rejoice! If sound quality is a major bullet point in your decision making process, then look no further. A 2-in-1 laptop that produces solid eargasms for the true music lover has finally arrived. I’m now able to prance around my living room in my underwear, while playing air guitar, as KISS  “Detroit Rock City” blares ever so loudly on my laptop speakers. Don’t judge. For a tablet-sized PC, the sound is that good. Not only does the music quality exceed expectations but it makes watching your favorite flicks and YouTube clips that much more enjoyable. Speaking of which…
  • Hi-Definition has never looked so crisp. I don’t know about you but I want my movies to contain a certain semblance of realism when I watch them. To visibly see nostrils flaring, the rhythm of a heart thumping inside someone’s chest, and even a failed attempt of hiding a pimple on an actor’s face makes the need for HD that much more important. Gone are the days of a blurry video where you’re forced to squint or else miss the action. The 1920 x 1080 HD resolution allows you to see that which would normally go unnoticed. This is undoubtedly the new standard moving forward, so accept no substitution. If your current tablet isn’t on par, then you need to seriously be thinking about an upgrade.
  • Do people still play Angry Birds? I’m kind of out of the loop on the next, big mobile game phenomenon and not sure what passes for a viable pixelated time consumption activity these days. Regardless, be prepared to spend hours enthralled by the flawlessly rendered images jumping around your screen. Succumb to your mobile gaming addiction with HD quality options readily available at the touch of your fingertips. This is a serious public service announcement. You’ve been warned.
  • Built with a stylus in mind, Windows Ink allows for words to be written on screen as smoothly as if written on paper. Just as the tech gods had originally envisioned. I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest annoyances I face is when I order something from Amazon that has to be digitally signed upon receipt. The garbled mess that is supposed to be my signature looks more like a lesson in abstract when I’m finished. It provides a great appreciation for when you can finally hold something in your hands that renders your signature as it should look and less like a line of foreign language subtitles.

hp Envy x360

So now I know you’re thinking I HAVE to have one of these. Lucky for you, Best Buy is offering $100 off until July 28, 2018 when you go here. You’re welcome.

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This is a partnered post with Best Buy. All opinions remain my own.

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