20 Stunningly Gorgeous Glamelia Bridal Bouquets

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If you want a unique bouquet you can save as a keepsake consider one of the gorgeous glamelia bridal bouquets to carry down the aisle.

Are you planning your wedding? If so, it can be difficult to narrow down those thousands of decisions to just one that speaks to you. We all want a wedding that showcases our style and captivates guests. If you are trying to pick out your flowers and cannot decide what you want to carry down the aisle, consider one of these Glamelia Bridal Bouquets.

glamelia bridal bouquets

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What are Glamelia Bridal Bouquets

These simplified bouquets are beautiful and unique. They’re truly a work of art. These flowers first came about in the 1940’s and 50’s when brides really wanted Camellia blooms, which are naturally large.

A Glamelia bouquet (also known as composite bouquet, malmaison, or rose duchess) is essentially a bouquet made by stripping down a single type of flower (Orchids, Lilies, Gladiolas ect), stripping it down to the pedals and then wiring them back together to recreate a single large bloom. As you can imagine this is time consuming project and they can cost a pretty penny, but as you can tell from the pictures bellow, they’re gorgeous!

Glamelias have become popular because they lend a vintage, simplistic look while still making a huge statement. Plus, they’re a photographers dream to work with!

The best part is you can keep them after the wedding as a momento instead of real flowers that will turn into a brown crisp, stuck in a book somewhere.   

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Ky Kampfeld

Walk down the aisle with this incredibly beautiful bouquet from Ky Kampfeld. It is made to order with a incredible detailing and a soft pink accent that makes it look life like. 

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Luxe Flowerl

This handmade bouquet by Luxe Flowerl has 100% natural silk, satin, pearls, and feathers to create this lovely understated bouquet.  

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Hand Decorator

This soft, feminine glamelia from Hand Decorator is just the right touch for the girly bride. 

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Parsi

Go bold and vibrant with this amazing bouquet from Parsi

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Flowears

If you like little bling in your bouquet, check out Flowears and their colorful bouquet with rhinestones and pearls.

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Liga Asere

This handmade bouquet by Liga Asere is made from high quality velvet, and it is a gorgeous piece that will add a vibrant pop of color.

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets
Photo Credit Ky Kampfeld

 Add a little sparkle to your wedding with this gorgeous piece from Ky Kampfeld

glamelia 4
Photo Credit Uptown Girlzz

This fun glamelia from Uptown Girlzz is made in a gorgeous jewel tone and has peacock feather to give it a special flair.

glamelia 15
Photo Credit Just Wedding Bouquets

Just Wedding Bouquets has created this life like flower from real touch roses. 

glamelia 5
Photo Credit Hand Decorator

 Hand Decorator has created this feminine and realistic looking bouquet from foam paper and lace. 

glamelia 8
Photo Credit Fleurs d’un Nouveau Monde 

This glamorous glamelia reminds of old Hollywood fashion. It is simple but breathtaking and the perfect accessory to walk down the aisle. Check out Fleurs d’un Noveau Monde to see more. 

glamelia 7
Photo Credit Hand Decorator

If you love a pop of color, check out these great glamelia from Hand Decorator. It is a nice touch for the bride that wants to add a little fun and spice to the wedding. 

glamelia 9
Photo Credit Ky Kampfeld

This shiny bouquet from Ky Kampfeld would be great for a fall or holiday wedding.

glamelia 11 2 collage
Photo Credit Flower Decoration

 Flower Decoration has a variety of colors and designs to create the perfect bouquet for you and your bridesmaid. 

glamelia 12
Photo Credit Parsi

This beautiful glamelia is actually made of clay! Parsi has created this beautiful flower, and offer it in a variety of colors. 

glamelia 14
Photo Credit Hand Decorator

An icy blue bouquet like this one from Hand Decorator would be a great color for a winter or spring wedding. 

glamelia 16
Photo Credit Adorn Flowers

Walk down the aisle with this blush pink bouquet from Adorn Flowers

glamelia 17
Photo Credit Flowears

Flowears has created this glamelia from satin, organza, chiffon and pearls and rhinestones. 

glamelia 20
Photo Credit Hand Decorator

If you want a simple bouquet, consider this elegant glamelia with clean lines and made in a soft ivory. Hand Decorator offers this bouquet and many more. 

glamelia 13
Photo Credit Ky Kampfeld

If you want to absolutely shine on your wedding day as you saunter down that aisle, consider this flashy glamelia from Ky Kampfeld

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  1. All these bridal bouquets look so beautiful! I wish mine was that lovely! If I were to choose, I think the best one for me is the one from Uptown Girlzz.


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