10 Gorgeous Glamelia Bridal Bouquets for Your Dream Wedding

Up until a short while ago I was in love with Brooch Bridal Bouquets and I still am, but then I saw a picture of a Glamelia Bridal Bouquet and I was hooked.

Glamelia Bridal Bouquets

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They’re truly a work of art. These flowers first came about in the 1940’s and 50’s when brides really wanted Camellia blooms, which are naturally large.

A Glamelia bouquet (also known as a composite bouquet, Malmaison, or rose duchess) is essentially a bouquet made by stripping down a single type of flower (Orchids, Lilies, Gladiolas etc), stripping it down to the pedals and then wiring them back together to recreate a single large bloom.

As you can imagine this is a time-consuming project and they can cost a pretty penny, but as you can tell from the pictures below, they’re gorgeous!

Glamelias have become popular because they lend a vintage, simplistic look while still making a huge statement. Plus, they’re a photographers dream to work with!

You may also consider creating your Glamelia Bridal Bouquet with fabric or silk flowers. These wedding bouquets are affordable and will be a forever keepsake without any additional expense!

10 Gorgeous Glamelia Bridal Bouquets for Your Dream Wedding

glamelia bouquetFlutterGlass

glamelia bouquet 1
Blossom Floral Design

glamelia bouquet 2
Bridal Bouquets by Ky

glamelia bouquet 5

This style of Glamelia is perfect for a beach or summer wedding.

glamelia bouquet 3
Bridal Bouquets by Ky

This is a great example of how you can create a Glamelia out of other materials.

glamelia bouquet 4
A Pretty Penny Blog

glamelia bouquet 6
Bergerons Flowers

glamelia bouquet 8
Daniel Taylor Photography

glamelia bouquet 9
Handy Mandy Girl

Another great example of a Glamelia made out of fabric instead of real flowers, the brooch makes a great accessory too!

glamelia bouquet 7
Lisette Price Photography

I think the Glamelia version of a lily is even more lovely than the actual flower.

Stunning Single Flower Bouquet Glamelia Bouquet by Parsi

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