The Three Core Baby Products Every New Mom Needs

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On some level, every expectant woman is aware that taking care of a newborn will be life-changing. Be that as it may, most don’t grasp the full concept of it all until the baby actually arrives. As a new mom, the first year is often the most overwhelming. Adjusting your lifestyle to the needs of your child, trying to manage their needs and emotions, while also trying to sustain some sanity of your own is a lot. 

woman carrying baby mom

Sure you have your partner, family, and friends to pitch in, but on a day to day basis, how in the world do you manage? The truth is, many women rely on some of today’s most promising products to help make caring for their new baby a lot easier. As you create your baby shower registry or go shopping on your own, here are some must-have baby products new moms swear by:

Car Seat

Without this baby product, you can’t even bring your little one home from the hospital. So, don’t forget to look into car seats. They have seats for just about any budget with tons of features, however, the safety of your newborn should be a top priority. Look for a rear-facing seat that has a 5-point harness seatbelt. It should also have additional cushioning for side-impact protection surrounding the baby’s head. Last but not least, looking for a car seat that also has a base to make it easy to remove and install the seat into the car is ideal. After finding a car seat with those features you can then look into other elements like the colors, ease of use, expandable features that allow the seat to grow with your child, feeding trays, toys, and more. 

Baby Carrier

Babies are so cute and precious. You can’t imagine wanting to put your little one down even for a moment. That is until you realize that it’s pretty impossible to do things with the newborn in your arms. For hands-free assistance around the house or on the go, it’s ideal to have a baby carrier. 

More than just a device for holding your newborn, newer models like the Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier combine comfort and convenience. It has adjustable straps to grow as your baby does from an infant to a toddler. It has extra shoulder support padding and a waist strap for a secure hold. The product also has several pockets of varying sizes for easy storage of everything you’ll need to bring with you on the go. 

Whether it’s cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or grocery shopping this is the must-have carrier for new moms! 

Breast Pumping Kit

Lots of new moms decide to breastfeed their little ones during the first few months. Though it’s a great bonding experience for mom and child, it’s not always convenient. If you need to run errands, have to return back to work, or simply want to catch up on some zzz’s while your spouse watches the kid, you’ll need to have breastmilk on hand. The right breast pumping kit ensures just that. With newer designs that make pumping comfortable, easy, and convenient no matter where you are, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this purchase. 

As you start looking for baby products on the market you’ll come across a ton of cute things that you feel like you just have to have. While some can be convenient, others turn out not to be so useful after all. So, be sure to do some research before completing your registry or shopping. This way, you end up with products like those described above that will help you with your transition into parenthood.