Unique DIY Baby Shower Gifts for Boys and Girls

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With a whopping six babies being born to my family in the next year, I am fondly calling it “The Year of Babies.”

Okay, maybe it’s not the most original title but I am exhausting my creativity on the perfect shower gifts.

Part of me is tempted to buy them all the same thing in different colors but I have a reputation to think about. I am the creative gift giver in my family.

Unique DIY Baby Shower Gifts for Boys and Girls

I love babies, I love spoiling them and I love putting together the perfect gift baskets filled with things no one else thought of or things the mom to be didn’t even thinks he would need.

diy baby shower gifts

This “Shirt for Every Month” basket is simply adorable. It has a dual purpose – a gift to span the whole first year, AND it’s great for mom’s who like to do a new picture every month the first year.

From: tipjunkie.com

diy baby shower gifts

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious this Sweets and Treats gift set provides gifts for mom and baby. It offers a little of everything a baby needs: clothes, blankets, bath supplies and a cuddly friend. Plus, the play on words is soo cute!
From: From saynotsweetanne.com

diy baby shower gifts

This “3 Peas in a Pod” gift set is perfect added to a basket or all on it’s own. I particularly like this idea for twins. From: KKsCupCakeCreations

diy baby shower gifts

For me it is so important to make sure that Big Sisters and Brothers are included.

These gifts bags would be great filled with a book for them to read to their sibling, a “Big Brother/Sister” T Shirt and a special gift just for them!
From: Ducksinarowblog.com

diy baby shower gifts

The new spin on the Diaper Cake is the Diaper Basket. With a Diaper Basket you can add anything you want inside and it looks great – no need to worry about rolling everything! From: Esty

If you want to try and make a diaper cake on your own, check out these awesome 10 Best DIY Baby Diaper Cake Ideas!

diy baby shower gifts

Ice Cream Diaper Cones are perfect for a summer baby shower. Fill them with diapers or onesies!
From: TwosiesKidsBoutique

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baby shower pictionary emoji game

Baby Shower Pictionary Emoji Game – play in person or also fun for your virtual baby shower!

4 thoughts on “Unique DIY Baby Shower Gifts for Boys and Girls”

  1. Lol I am feeling the same right now with so many babies recently born and about to be in my family and circle of friends. My school friend/cousin, Kelsey and her new husband are expecting twins along with having a 3 year year old daughter, so these ideas are awesome! Two new honorary nieces or nephews(haven’t found out gender yet) for me to spoil!
    I, too have a reputation of being the best gift giver in the family for the same reasons you wrote, only I always make my famous “mom baskets” and older sibling gifts witg stuff for the mama and other kids. I enjoy doing it so much! Plus, knowing I’ve made something just a little easier/helped the parents is amazing!
    Thanks for the ideas!
    p.s. My nickname is also Santa, the North Pole, and the elves when Christmas rolls around. Birthdays and other occasions too. Lol

    • Oh my goodness – too cute. I’m so happy we could help you earn/keep your title of “Best Gift Giver in the Family” :)


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