2015 Special Olympics World Games Fans in the Stands

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Thousands of athletes and coaches are participating in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games that are currently taking place in Los Angeles this week. The competitions are being held across multiple venues in LA and I was thrilled to be one of the spectators at this past Sunday’s event.

It was another beautiful day in Long Beach as I gathered with fellow Verizon FiOS SoCal supporters to cheer on Katherine Campos at the Special Olympics World Games. Katherine, along with her Costa Rican teammates, was competing in beach volleyball at Alamitos Beach.

SO_Volleyball Court2

Our cheering section was all part of a community program that was set-up by the Verizon FiOS SoCal Experience team. The company is very committed to giving back to the Southern California communities in which they service. For example, on March 26, twenty local Verizon employees and the FiOS SoCal Experience team visited the Boys & Girls Club of Pomona Valley to provide $2,500 in technology upgrades to the club’s tech room and participate in an educational tutorial on filmmaking.

Our “Fans in the Stands” experience at the Special Olympics is another example of Verizon FiOS SoCal’s continued commitment to giving back. Did you know that since launching the FiOS SoCal Experience in 2013, Verizon has given $122,500 in grants and Verizon employees have provided more than 1,300 volunteer hours to Southern California charities? You can read more about Verizon FiOS SoCal’s community involvement here.

While some fans may have opted to sit on blankets on the beach near the court, we were standing courtside to cheer on Katherine with our megaphone and ring our cowbell during the final minutes!

SO_Cheer Goodies

And all their hard work paid off because it was a thrilling victory by Verizon FiOS SoCal sponsored athlete, Katherine Campos and her teammates as they won their game!

SO_Katherine Campos

My daughter and I were honored to meet Katherine and be a part of her special day, along with the rest of the Verizon FiOS SoCal Experience team. This experience taught my family about the importance of teamwork and giving back to the community at large. We also learned how perseverance, courage and determination can lead you to your ultimate goal at the Special Olympics and in life!

SO_Verizon FiOS Team

This post is written on behalf of Verizon FiOS SoCal. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. That was a great way for Verizon to show their support for a special olympics. Katherine Campos must have been so proud of her achievement. We are even prouder!


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