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We Weep with the World

Every new soil I press my foot upon changes me and impresses a new sense of compassion within my soul. Each new person I meet opens my mind to a new reality and a new world I have never known. … Read more

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Shop Sudara And Empower Women

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world,” Hillary Clinton. March is Women’s Month, and it is a time to honor the women that have contributed to shaping our history but have not received the proper recognition. … Read more

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Things You Can Do to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico

It has been almost a year since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, devastating the island. Despite the fact that nearly 12 months have passed, many are still without power and struggling to get access to basic necessities such as … Read more

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Sea Turtle Conservation and What You Can Do to Help

“Each year thousands of hatchling turtles emerge from their nests along the southeast U.S. coast and enter the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood.” Sea Turtle Conservancy The threats that turtles … Read more

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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas For A Good Cause

With summer upon us, you probably have a variety of bridal showers and upcoming weddings. If you are anything like me, I wait until the last second to buy a present leaving me with a very picked over registry. So … Read more

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Your $1 Can Help a Classroom in Need

Are you fed up with the lack funding for resources in your child’s school? Do you know a teacher that stretches every last dime to buy supplies for their students? Most teachers must pay out of pocket for those extra … Read more