Your $1 Can Help a Classroom in Need

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Are you fed up with the lack funding for resources in your child’s school? Do you know a teacher that stretches every last dime to buy supplies for their students? Most teachers must pay out of pocket for those extra resources to aide in their students’ learning experience, and sometimes they just can’t afford it. In the end, those that suffer are the children. This led one teacher in the Bronx to start Donors Choose.

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In 2000, Charles Best stood at the photocopier in the Bronx high school where he taught, trying to copy the pages of a Little House on the Prairie book so his students could read the classic. Frustrated with the lack of funds to purchase resources for his classroom, he knew there had to be a better way to help struggling classrooms. In his search, he began a website where public schools could post ideas for classroom projects and the necessary materials, in hopes of receiving donor assistance. Donors could pick and choose what projects they wanted to support and give accordingly.

Over the years, Donors Choose has assembled a team of 80 (some of which are former teachers) that have helped fulfill over 600,000 classroom projects. You can visit the site today and search for classroom projects in your area, maybe even in your own school. Then, you can donate as little as a $1, and because it is a public charity, all donations are tax deductible. Once the funding reaches its goal, Donors Choose buys all supplies and ships them right to the school. Afterwards, each donor will receive a thank you note from the teacher along with photos of the project and a breakdown of how the money was spent.

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It has become an incredible way for teachers to fulfill their curriculum and give students hands on opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without the help of others. Donors Choose has also seen the assistance of major companies such as Kia. Together they have been able to deliver $7.5 million in resources to public schools helping more than 1.5 million students since 2012. They also hosted the “Holidays on Us” teacher celebration this December which was expected to fund 200 classroom projects.

By 2020 Donors Choose aims to fulfill 100 percent of the classroom projects in high-need schools. You can help reach that goal by donating just $1 today to a classroom of your choosing. If you know a school in need you can also submit a classroom project. This holiday season choose to invest in our children and our future. Invest in the classroom.

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