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A Life Devoted to Helping Grieving Families

Do you feel as if you have a purpose? Most people find meaning in the many layers of life; raising children is a lifelong dedication, jobs fill our days with tasks and challenges, charity work makes us feel good about … Read more

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Child Loss and a Secret Society of Grief

I cannot think of any single word that can capture the piercing grief, the disorienting darkness of losing a child. It is an ineffable nightmare that leaves broken parents trying to reshape the pieces of their lives to accommodate the … Read more

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Giving Girls the Confidence to Succeed

My mother grew up in a home with domestic violence. It greatly affected not only her self esteem but eventually mine, too. Her experiences changed her course in life and damaged her confidence. As a mother, she couldn’t provide the … Read more

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These Female Heroes Ran Like Girls

Once upon a time, women weren’t allowed to run in the Boston Marathon. Women were considered “too fragile” and “physiologically incapable” to distance run. Can you imagine being told you can’t enter a race solely because you are female and … Read more

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Finding Hope in the Slums of Brazil

Have you ever explored the slums of a foreign country? Did you walk through the streets cluttered with houses and look into the faces of men, women, and children only to find they were just like you? They work, they … Read more

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Giving Power to the Period Through Community

I still vividly remember the day “Aunt Flow” first paid me a visit. I was with my grandfather and had to endure one of the most awkward conversations of my young life. Thankfully, he took it like a champ and … Read more

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Bears For Humanity: A Cuddly Gift That Gives Back

Whether we’re packing for a purpose or taking trips that give back, Surf and Sunshine loves social good platforms. We believe that todays connected world is capable leveraging the new resources we have like technology, e-commerce and social media to … Read more

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8 Easy Ways to Share Some Soul

In the latest Kia Soul commercial, we see the Hamsters bring different people and cultures together through the power of music and an epic jam session to put more positivity out in the world. Listen as Nathaniel Rateliff & Soul … Read more

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Small Acts of Kindness Can Transform the World

Scott Adams might be best known for the creation of his comic strip Dilbert, but for me, his most memorable words written are “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with … Read more

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Shining a Spotlight on America’s Work Force

[infobox]According to a Gallup Poll, 70% of the American work force doesn’t feel engaged in their work.[/infobox] That is a startling number of people unfulfilled in their daily jobs, and it makes it hard to believe in the American Dream. I come from … Read more