2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Those That Want to Give Back

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While you are spending so fast your credit card might catch on fire, don’t forget to give gifts that have meaning behind them – gifts that say more than “I had to buy you something so it was this or a coffee mug.”

Here are beautiful gifts that do more than put a smile on your loved one’s face.

These charitable gifts also help others in need.  

Thistle Farms

Give these beautiful handmade ornaments from Thistle Farms to someone special in your life.

thistle farms 1

Each ornament is made by a female survivor from the United States to the middle east.

Crafted by women that have survived tragedy and strife but have refused to give up.

They are finding a way to rebuild their lives and sharing it with the world.

AIDS Research

TBS and amfAR have joined forces to help fight AIDS. They are selling this iPhone 6/6S cover of which all proceeds go to AIDS research.

i Phone

Currently, amfAR is working on an initiative to find a cure for AIDS by 2020.

Help support this program by buying this adorable iPhone cover.

United by Blue

For every product that is sold, United by Blue cleans up one pound of garbage from waterways and oceans.

united by blue

Their team and volunteers physically go out and pick up the trash. So far they have cleaned up almost 400,000 pounds of trash.

They have apparel, home goods, and outdoor gear for purchase. You can also check to see if there will be a cleanup near you and sign up to help.

The Doll Kind

One of the best ways to continue a cycle of goodwill is by teaching your children the importance of giving back.


With The Doll Kind you can encourage your child to perform acts of kindness.

Choose a doll to give, they have a wide variety for boys and girls, and each doll comes with 10 tokens that say “pay it forward.”

Each time they perform an act of kindness, they leave a token and inspire others to continue sharing the kindness.

In addition, for every doll purchased, a doll will be donated around the world in orphanages, hospitals, and shelters.  


Every time a watch is purchased, WeWOOD works with Trees for the Future, Treedom and American Forests to plant a tree.

we wood

Since 2011, almost half a million trees have been planted, and their goal is to plant 1 million by 2020.

These exquisitely crafted watches are helping restore our forests and create a better environment.

MiiR Water Bottles

MiiR has a variety of products, most notably their water bottles which are BPA free with an optimal opening size to prevent splashing but still fits standard ice cubes and designed to be the best most efficient water bottles you have ever used.

They have all kinds of bottles, food canisters, even growlers for beer drinkers.

However, it is Bryan, the founder, and his desire to help others that makes this a wonderful product to buy.

Five percent of the revenue goes to projects around the world that help provide clean water, education, sanitation, and the like.

You can even track where your own purchase has made an impact.   

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has an entire line of gifts to purchase for men, women, and children.

st jude

The majority of profits from each purchase go right back into the hospital which helps ailing children and insures their parents never have to pay a dime for treatment.

It is an amazing way to help support the true everyday heroes and families in need.


Grab this adorable hot air balloon t-shirt which was designed by Sevenly for Give Kids The World Village.

Sevenly focuses on specific causes throughout the year and sells products decorated in unique designs to benefit their chosen programs.

Give Kids the World

When you purchase one of these shirts, $7 of your purchase goes straight to helping children with life-threatening illnesses enjoy a week long vacation with their family at Give The Kids The World Village.

It is a 79 acre storybook resort in central Florida where ailing children can just enjoy life and be a kid again for  the week, at no cost to their family.

Charity Water

Choose from a variety of products like T-Shirts (some are even customizable), bikes, speakers, and more to help fund water projects all over the globe.

charity water

Charity Water uses money earned to invest in water projects in over 24 countries delivering clean water to almost 7 million people.

Your small purchase can change someone’s life by giving them clean, drinkable water.

Goodbye Malaria

When you purchase from Goodbye Malaria the impact is two fold.

It helps employ young African entrepreneurs, and it helps fund spray programs in Mozambique to help prevent the spread of malaria.


This debilitating disease can be prevented in a variety of ways, and buy purchasing a pair of pajama pants you are helping save lives…while you sleep!

They also sell teddy bears and bracelets to help the people of Africa.

Love 41

When Suzette Munson traveled to Rwanda, she was shocked by the scope of tragedy caused by the genocide in 1994.

Over one million men, women and children had been killed in the 90 day massacre and another million people were displaced.

matthew BA FR CH 20151019113209 06

She witnessed a country torn apart and still reeling from the horrific acts almost two decades later.

It would put her on a path to help the people of Rwanda.

Through her efforts, Love 41 was started and the profits from these beautiful leather products, as well as jewelry and much more, go to the people of Rwanda to supply food, education, clothing, and help to the people that truly need it.

Your purchase will aide one of the many surviving victims of such an unspeakable nightmare.

Through Love 41 you can also sponsor a child and help them live a life they never dreamed they could have.  

Conscious Step

For the person that has everything, give them socks from Conscious Step. Each pairs of socks represents a specific cause.

Pick which cause you want to support and give them as a gift.

conscious step

Benefiting work such as HIV treatments, planting trees, and fighting hunger, each signifies a special cause.

Choose where you would like to show your support and give these artfully made socks to your loved ones.


Sign up to receive seasonal clothes specifically picked out for your little ones through Kidbox.

When they arrive you can try them on and send anything back that doesn’t work. You only pay for what you keep.

When you sign up, you pick styles, what items your child needs most, and what they like and don’t like. Then, items arrive in the mail!

And for every whole kidbox that is purchased, they provide clothing to a child in need.

It is a fantastic way for busy parents to shop for their kids and give to others in the same click.

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