The first fortune 500 company to replenish 100% of water used

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It is important to me that I buy products from companies with a conscience. All of our work as individuals, to give back to the earth, can easily be undone by the practices of large companies that don’t care about anything beyond their own profits. This is why I strive to buy from companies that continually make an effort to restructure their policies to meet the changing needs of our environment and the neighboring communities. Coca-Cola is one company that has stepped up to do their part.


Coca-Cola is the first fortune 500 company that replenishes 100% of the water used in the making of its products. They put back into the earth what they take from it. This is done through over 100 water replenishment projects within the United States and 248 community water partnership projects in 71 countries all over the world. They began their work in 2005 with the goal of replenishing 100% of the water by 2020, and by 2015 they achieved that goal, fives years early. Yet, they aren’t stopping there. Coca-Cola continues to reach for higher goals as replenishment demands change with business growth and new community watershed restoration arises.


In September, Coca Cola’s watershed partnership with the USDA reached an enormous achievement. In their work to restore and protect damaged watersheds in national forests, they have managed to restore 1 billion liters! Even with such an immense milestone, the partnership has vowed to double that amount in 2018. With 10 restoration sites on national forest land, they are restoring water supplies that provide drinking water to over 60 million Americans.


This is an important step towards continued support for our environment as well as communities. When large companies show their conscience through practices and partnerships that give back, it begins to set a precedence and encourage other companies to follow suit. As we work to reduce our carbon footprint, it is important to buy products from companies that care about how they affect the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect and preserve the earth. Buy from companies that share those same ideals and goals. We only have one earth, and we have to care for it, if we want it to care for us.

This is NOT a sponsored post. We learned about this initiative and wanted to look further into it to share with our readers.

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