15 Hottest Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

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“I want an iPod!” I whined one Christmas, quite a few years ago.

“I don’t even know what that is…” My mom replied with little interest. I just couldn’t understand how my parents could be so unaware of the constantly evolving technology. How lame were they? Then, ten years later, I heard myself repeating those very same words to my niece and I can’t help but wonder when I got so lame.

For the techies in your life that are dying for the newest, hottest items, it isn’t always easy to pick out gifts especially if you’re not sure what some of the newest products even do. Now is the time to begin your shopping and start asking the important questions about the exact models, features, and the kind of performance our gift receivers really want. If technology is not your area of expertise, don’t worry, Best Buy has you covered.  15-hottest-tech-gifts

They have an enormous variety of the world’s best tech brands at affordable prices. However, the most helpful thing they offer is probably the blue shirts that might just be saints. They happily answer even the dumbest questions with a gentle smile and an informative explanation. There is no need to feel intimidated anymore. If you thought the question, chances are multiple people have already asked it. Their Geek Squad is also helpful for trouble shooting when you find yourself completely baffled on how to turn on the item you just purchased. I love that regardless of who you have to buy for and what mountain of technological information you have to climb, you can find help at Best Buy…with free 2 day shipping all season when you buy online!

These are 15 of hottest tech gifts for 2016. Your loved ones might have already been begging for them and some you might want to add to your own list. tv-4_collage

Curved Smart TVs

You and your family can watch TV in a whole new way with one of the new Curved Smart TVs. The ultra HD stretches up to 55 inches giving you optimal viewing. Designed for every part of the image on the screen to be equal distance from your eyes, it offers a picture with very little distortion. Samsung and LG have a variety of curved TV models at Best Buy. Featuring 4K ultra HD which produces an amazing picture, and the WiFi connectivity lets you catch all of your online shows with clarity. Many models have a built in V chip to block content based on program ratings. There are also multiple USB inputs and HDMI connections. LG models even have the same passive 3D technology that movie theaters feature, and the model comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.  

gopro-cams GoPro Hero 5

GoPro is always on the cutting edge of technology and constantly releasing new products to capture your adventures. The new GoPro Hero 5 is compatible with all GoPro accessories. Featuring electronic image stabilization, 12.0MP digital still, and night lapse, it is the latest and greatest GoPro has to offer. For the travel lover or outdoor explorer, it is one of the best action cameras. If it is a little out of budget, consider the wearable GoPro Hero 5 Session that features the same great camera quality just without the touch display, location capture, and raw, WDR photos.


Virtual Reality Headset

You may be surprised to find out that virtual reality headsets are actually reasonably priced. There are head sets under $70 that are compatible with cell phones to clip in and create an alternate reality. Viewers can watch movies or chat on social media immersed in their own world. It is the perfect gift idea for the techie in your life. As for the gamer, there is plenty of virtual reality accessories as well. Playstation is releasing its virtual reality headset this October, and it is an amazing piece of technology that captures how far gaming has come. Compatible with the Playstation 4, this VR has an OLED display with 360 degree viewing and 3D audio technology.


Pet Tracking Device

For the animal lover in your life, help them keep tabs on Fido with a pet tracker. The Whistle GPS Tracker fits on collars up to 1 inch wide and has a smartphone app, instant alerts, and an activity tracker. It is waterproof and will help you keep your pet safe. There are a few different options and with the G-Paws Tracker, you can create an actual profile for your dog and log all of their activity. If you’re looking for simple, the Fit Bark is solely an activity tracker to help and your four legged friend get fit together.


Wireless Headphones

We all know by now that the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack! So this is the perfect time to try out wireless headphones. If you couldn’t afford the new iPhone, then you can get some wireless headphones for whoever in your life that was lucky enough to snag one. From earbuds to over the ear headphones, Best Buy has a vast array of headphones to suit your listening needs. There are sporty models to purely fashionable. Grab a brand new pair of wireless listening and use them as a great stocking stuffer.


Backup Camera for Cars

Do you have a new teen driver in your household? Help prevent your own potential heart attack by making their car as safe as possible. If the car they are driving is older or doesn’t have a backup camera, you don’t have to buy a whole new car to get one. Those with a dashboard visual display just need a camera to hook up to the display. If the car doesn’t have a display, you can purchase a camera and video display. There are also kits with a camera and rearview mirrors with built in video. Make their car safer and have the best technology without having to pay for a new car.


Camera Drones

The technology of camera drones is amazing. They capture incredible aerial footage that will set you apart in the realm of social media. On the higher end there are drones that are collapsible, offer live streaming, 4K HD video, and over 22,000 feet operating range. These are high powered tools to capture the most epic video. However, if you aren’t looking to film videos at 22,000 feet, there are plenty of other options that still provide great video within your desired realm of video capturing. For the photographer in your life, you can find multiple camera drones for under $100!



What kid (or kid at heart) wouldn’t love a robot? Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan (what?!?!?!), the Sphero – BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ has awesome features that are as fascinating as they are entertaining. It can recognize and respond to your child’s voice, make some decisions on its own with autonomous behavior, be guided by your smart devices, record and view virtual holographic communications, and even exhibit adaptive behavior as your child uses it. This robot is an amazing gift for your little tech lover. There are plenty more robots to pick and choose which would be best for your child and their age group.  


Streaming Media Players

With so many streaming devices on the market, it is easier than ever before to choose how you want to watch TV. Best Buy has an informative guide to choose which device is best for what you want to watch and where. If your family loves entertainment, but you are tired of paying ridiculous cable prices without all the channels you want, streaming devices are a great way to get what you want.


Osmo Genius Kit

Probably my most favorite educational gaming system for the Apple iPad available right now. The Osmo is a wonderful STEM education tool for kids that they will beg and do chores to play! The kit comes with a base, word and number game tiles and tangram puzzle pieces all to get your kids excited to learn and play. I highly recommend getting the coding and monster expansion packs!


iPad Pro

Speaking of the iPad, the new iPad Pro is probably at the top on many tech lover’s wish list. It is the largest iPad with a 12.9 inch Retina display, but it is only 6.9mm thick and a minuscule 1.57 pounds. With a fingerprint ID sensor, Facetime HD camera and 8MP iSight with 1080p video, the screen captures a whole new level of technology with incredible vibrancy and clarity. It has LTE connectivity, four speaker audio, up to ten hours of power and a convenient stylus as well as a multitude of smart keyboards available for pairing. The 64-bit A9x chip makes it the most powerful iPad on the market, it is more capable than any other iPad.


Smart Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator will make your kitchen the epicenter of your house. From the fingerprint resistant stainless steel door to its music streaming capabilities, this refrigerator will rock your world. There are 3 cameras in this beauty that allow you to see everything in your fridge while you are out and about shopping. If you are anything like me, the grocery store is the last place you want to be, but a necessity. Not anymore…Order groceries online from the Groceries MasterCard app right on the fridge’s built in touch screen. You can also leave notes and photos on the go on the touchscreen through the StickiⓇ app as well as in person using the touch screen. Besides the incredible technology, this fridge is an actual fridge. There is 27.9 cubic feet, French doors with convertible flexible zone of 4.5 cubic feet, a cooling management system, and high efficiency lighting. I don’t think anyone anticipated a life changing refrigerator, but here it is. You can see our full review here.


Fitness Smartwatch

Everyone has a fitness fanatic in their life…you might not understand it, but as long as they enjoy it is all that matters. As far as wearable technology goes, the seemingly endless options of smartwatches provide a new level of accountability and track-ability to achieve the highest level of fitness. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Tomtom are just some of the name brands that have numerous fitness smartwatch options with sleek designs and a vast array of features to track your every movement from the moment you wake up until you fall back into bed and even while you sleep. Some even receive alerts, texts, and emails and accessories allow wearers to make these pieces their own. The apps that assist the watches are amazing tools to track nutrition, exercise, heart rate, and sleep that may give users a glimpse into how their body functions and how to make it work at peak physical condition. Even if you are buying one for someone else, it is a great addition to your own list. Stop making excuses and let this be the year you get it right.   


If your are looking for a fitness watch the falls in the middle of the road for technology and price, the Fitbit Blaze is perfect. It is user friendly and provides multiple workout resources while tracking your steps, heart rate, miles walked, calories burned, and steps climbed. You can also log workouts when you jog, bike, or use a treadmill. There is even a FitStar feature which gives you instructions for a 7 minute workout or 10 minute abs. It tells you exactly what to do and times you. Exercise has never been easier than this. The Blaze has a stopwatch as well as audible and silent alarms to set. 

Keeping track of all your activity, the Fitbit app will help you review your daily activity levels and set goals. You can track food and water intake and your sleep patterns. While I have always thought of myself as a relatively fit person, when I started wearing my Fitbit Blaze, I was shocked at how sedentary I was during some of my down days. It has been amazing little reminder to take care of myself and to get up and move even when I don’t feel like it. This watch has been much more helpful than I anticipated. With its convenient tracking and all day reminders to get and move or informing when I have met my goals, it is like have a constant motivator.  


Mirrorless Cameras

For a budding photographer, a mirrorless camera is a great option to explore the field of photography. The lack of mirror reflex optical viewfinder makes the camera body smaller and lightweight allowing for easy travel. They provide great HD video and a variety of lenses to practice capturing every scene. The mirrorless camera takes beautiful photos, and it is a perfect gift for someone learning to hone their photography skills and looking for a camera that will grow with them as the get better.


Home Networking Gear

If you have a tech lover that you have no idea how to shop for, consider something to amp up their connectivity speeds and help them cut down on hardware rental costs. Netgear has products to increase WiFi performance speeds and prevent the dreaded buffering. Orbi by Netgear helps make the WiFi throughout your entire house stronger in every corner even with multiple devices using it. For the gift that keeps on giving, purchasing a router or modem will help people save on rental fees. Sometimes a functional and truly helpful gift is the best kind.

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  1. This would be a dream come true for my husband. He is wanting a GoPro so bad he can taste it. I need to keep this list in mind for him.


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