Tech for Kids: When 2D Tech Meets the 3D World

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As parents we find ourselves more invested in the way our children learn, build and grow than they will ever be. With the direction of kids technology it’s easier than ever to keep kids engaged and learning with products, gadgets and learning apps. But sorting through the right combination of technology and hands on learning activities can present a challenge. So when I found a product, the Osmo Genius Kit, that merged 2D technology with the 3D world? It just might be the bees knees. 

This inventive new app enabled educational gaming system changes the way children interact with their iPad by opening it up to hands­ on play in an effort to foster creativity, problem solving, and social intelligence skills. The set comes with five unique games that cover science, words, art, numbers and more. The five included games are: Words, Masterpiece, Tangram, Newton and Numbers Games.

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For instance in Tangram, children arrange 3D wooden puzzle pieces into matching onscreen shapes. While Numbers ­features counting, addition, concatenation and multiplication modes that encourage kids to move from one mode to the next as each level is mastered, encouraging them to learn at their own pace. And Masterpiece ­lets kids explore their artistic touch. They can choose any  image from the camera, curated gallery or integrated web search and Masterpiece will transform it into easy­ to ­follow lines. Letting them draw it easily. They can even share their creative process with mom and dad through a time ­lapse video. 

In addition to providing content that can challenge even adults, Osmo Genius Kit also allows mom and dad to play with the kids. In the Words game, a play must guess and spell out hidden onscreen words by tossing down real life letters faster than friends. The game system is designed for children ages 6 and old but is meant to be fun for the whole family. The first time we played together, Whistler said he had the best day ever at bedtime. When I asked him why, he said because he loved playing the new word game with me and that he hoped we could play the numbers game when he woke up!

As the concept of STEAM is moving into classrooms across the US, the Osmo Genius Kit lets kids get ahead of the curve by encouraging them to use Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics in ways that are related to one another. All the while, engaging children through a sense of curiosity and fun. We can’t wait to try the Coding add-on kit!

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