I’ve recently become obsessed with Vintage Ads. I love the retro graphics and fun cartoons, but have you ever taken a closer look at some of the messages big brands used to send?

It’s fairly shocking to me how these were considered acceptable only 50-60 years ago – not even a lifetime! What do you think of these?

shocking vintage ads

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  1. LMAO…………I love these ads, where has everyone’s common sense and sense of humor gone???…….LOL………everyone has gotten so thin skinned………………..

  2. That one about starting babies on soda pop/cola drinks at such a young age is bogus. From what I have just found out a few minutes ago, from some comments posted with this same ad on Pinterest, it was made up by someone who goes by the name R J White in 2002 for livejournal, and has a Pinterest board called “Repinning the people who have repinned my dumb fake ad” or some such nonsense. And there’s no such thing as “The Soda Pop Board of America.”

  3. Wow, some of those are outrageous! It’s wild to think about what things we consider “acceptable” now that might be considered unbelievable in the future, too.

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