8 Ways a Refrigerator Answers Lifes Most Annoying Problems

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Sure the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is wi-fi enabled. La de da. So what if can stream music from Pandora and lets me know the weather forecast? As a foodie turned journalist I made it my mission to plant one in my kitchen where I could ask it these hard hitting questions. The ones that real moms want to know, like who keeps leaving the cap off the milk? And what exactly should we make for dinner? 


8 Ways the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Answers Life’s Most Annoying Problems

  • You will no longer get texts from your spouse at the store asking “are we out of milk?” Or my personal favorite “I forgot the shopping list. Can you check and see if we have…” With the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, you can compile and share shopping lists – accessible at any time from your phone or the refrigerator panel.
  • It solves the mystery of just who put the milk back in the fridge without the cap thanks to the three built-in cameras that take a picture of the inside of your fridge every time the door closes.
  • The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator also catches the mystery culprit responsible for eating the last bite of chocolate cake or putting the juice back with a single swallow of liquid left.  
  • No longer will you question just how long those leftover have been hanging out in the refrigerator or whether the milk is really expired or still useable thanks to the ability to track expiration dates. 
  • It puts an end to those “misplaced” honey-do list with the ability to leave notes, pin photos and even share Google calendars on its 21.5″ Full HD LCD resolution screen which also syncs to your phone which means I can send notes and share pics while I’m traveling!
  • Is artwork over running the refrigerator? Are falling magnets constantly bruising your bitty toes? Now you can let the kids spew creativity over a 21.5″ digital canvas, allowing you to actually feast your eyes upon the gorgeous stainless steel appliances you purchased. You can also view and save the masterpieces to your phone
  • Never again will you have to choose between binging Netflix and feeding your starving family (let’s be honest Netflix was winning that one) because some genius couch potato gave it the ability to screen mirror with Samsung Smart TVs. 
  • Never burn dinner or forget to pick up your children from school (ahem) again with the ability to set multiple timers.

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