Ultimate List of Zootopia Hidden Easter Eggs

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“Zootopia” has broke records worldwide when we all fell in love with animal metropolis of “Zootopia” and it’s resident rookie rabbit officer Judy Hopps and scam-artist fox Nick Wilde. Now, the duo is coming to the small screen when Zootopia releases June 7 via Digital HD, Blu-ray™ and Disney Movies Anywhere. We thought it was the perfect time to compile the Ultimate list of Zootopia Hidden Easter Eggs to give you added fun when you watch it for the second time! 


Ultimate List of Zootopia Hidden Easter Eggs

  1. The design of Zootopia looks very similar to Disney’s Tomorrowland. 
  2. Does Duke Weaselton sound familiar? His name plays on the Duke of Weselton from Frozen. Fun fact, it’s the same actor voicing both characters! 
    ZOOTOPIA – Easter Eggs: Weaselton Bootleg DVDs of MEOWANA, GIRAFFIC, FLOATZEN 2. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.
  3. If you look closely, the Duke is selling bootleg Disney Films: Floatzen 2, Wrangled, Wreck-It Rhino, Pig Hero 6.
  4. Inside Chief Bogo’s office is a wall calendar featuring the neon cityscape of San Fransokyo, the fictional metropolis in Big Hero 6.
  5. Mickey Mouse shows up as stuffed animal, tucked in the bottom of a passing stroller during one of Nick’s schemes.
  6. Baymax is an antena topper on Nick’s van.
  7. The china plates along the top of the hutch in Jumbo’s cafe feature Frozen prints.
    Zootopia Easter Eggs
  8. In the Tundra two baby elephants are dressed up like Frozen’s Anna and Elsa. 
  9. Near the end of Zootopia, you meet Doug who owns a lab where he brews a blue serum. He also has a couple of partners Woolter and Jesse. If that’s not a Breaking Bad reference, then I’m not sure what is. 
  10. Remember when Nick pretends to go savage in the museum? The deer he encounters looks a bit like Bambi.
  11. Speaking of Bambi, the way Judy Hopps thumps her foot is eerily similar to another of our favorite Bambi characters, Thumper.
  12. When Judy is flying through the air with Nick is reminiscent of Tarzan. 
  13. Duke Weaselton looks very similar to Scratch from Ice Age.  And the way he holds his bag while running from Judy Hopps is similar to the way Scratch cradles his precious acorn. 
  14. The flower store in the city is named “Flora and Fauna” which is a cool nod to two of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
  15. Mr. Big is modeled after Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Not to mention the extended reference to The Godfather in all interactions that happen with Mr. Big, including his way of speaking, mannerisms, chair and even his clothes.
  16. Emmet Otterton is named after Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas. The TV special put together by Muppets creator Jim Henson.
  17. Speaking of Emmet, Mrs. Otterton looks eerily similar to Rapunzel. 
  18. The elephant ice cream shop scene is a nod to the Disney classic Dumbo. The owner of the shop is called Jerry Jumbo Jr., and Dumbo’s real name was Jumbo Jr.
  19. Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go.” – Chief Bogo, a clear reference to Frozen. 
  20. If you have watched Disney’s The Jungle Book, the visit to mystic springs oasis might give you a sense of deja-vu when you see the group of bears scratching their backs on palm trees just like Baloo. 
  21. Maybe you saw the pastry shop owned by a certain villain from the Southern Isles, “Hans’s Pastry Shop.” It’s located behind the big donut. 
  22. Hans isn’t the only one with a business in Zootopia. Remember the Lucky Cat Cafe that Aunt Cass owns in Big Hero 6? It can be seen as Mr. Big’s daughter and friends are crossing the street right before Judy saves them from the Gian Donut. Fun fact: The shopping bags they’re carrying are from Targoat. 
  23. The nods to Robin Hood are numerous. First, Nick Wild looks like Robyn Hood and they’re both friends with rabbits. Mayor Lionheart looks like King Richard, who was actually known as Richard the Lionheart. 
  24. Judy Hopps’ play list includes titles such as “Let it Goat” (Let it Go), “Part of your Wool” (Part of Your World).
  25. Duke Weaselton calls Judy “Flopsy the Copsy”, a reference to Flopsy in The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. 

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