Hidden Easter Eggs From Disney Frozen Revealed!

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Disney’s latest film “Frozen” has melted the hearts of audiences worldwide, achieving a worldwide opening of $110.6 million and grabbing the top spot last weekend at the box office. Compared favorably to films of the Disney Renaissance, “Frozen” has received both critical and audience acclaim on its release. Chances are however, if you have made your way to see “Frozen” in theaters, you haven’t seen quite everything.

Following inspiration from their animation counterparts at Pixar, Disney Animation embedded inside jokes or “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout the fairy tale film to pay respect for previous Disney films and create a fun feature for audiences to search out.

With Frozen having been in theaters a little over a month now domestically, Disney revealed a handful of the Easter eggs that are hidden throughout the film! Here are four confirmed hidden gems that made their way into the icy tale. If you’ve seen the film already, how many of these hidden gems were you able to spot?



1. Welcome to Arendelle

Elsa’s coronation was able to bring together guests from far-away lands…and movies! Seen walking across the drawbridge, Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from “Tangled” made the guest list for the special event!



2. Sweet Repeat

Anna’s affinity for chocolates is truly ahead of its time summoning sweet treats all the way from the land of Sugar Rush featured in “Wreck-It-Ralph.” Yumm!


3. It’s A Mouse

Blink and you may miss it, but as Anna enters the Wander Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, a partially obscured Mickey Mouse push toy can be seen on the lower shelves with the nose and red shorts being the giveaway.



4. Repurposed Painting

Based on “The Swing” by Jean-Honore Fragonard, artist Lisa Keene’s painting that was completed during the development phase of “Tanged” made such an impression on “Frozen” filmmakers that it became apart of Anna’s signature song, “For the First Time in Forever,” when she leaps into the air and mimics the painting’s pose.

With these “Easter eggs” so well hidden throughout the film, it seems almost impossible to have found all four the first time around, but let us know how many you were able to find, and if you think there are any additional hidden gems in the film that didn’t make the list!

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