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Most of us will never know the pain of having a child diagnosed with a life threatening illness, but for many families it is a reality they must face. They fight day in and day out to save their child’s life and watch as their flesh and blood endure pain and fear that a child should never have to go through. For all of those families struggling with the weight of an ill child, there is a place they can go where their kid can just be a kid.

At Give the Kids the World Village, families with children suffering from life threatening diseases can stay for a weeklong vacation at no expense. Because of donations and support from other charitable organizations, this non-profit returns childhood to ill children. The company Alex and Ani have designed charm bracelets to help benefit Give Kids the World Village. Known for their creative, eco-friendly jewelry and accessory designs, Alex and Ani work to help fund humanitarian needs with their Charity by Design division. They use recycled materials and eco-conscious processes to make pieces that symbolize the causes they support.

give the kids the world

Give the Kids the World Village was started by Henri Landwirth who wanted children with life-threatening illnesses to have the opportunity to just be kids and enjoy carefree fun. It led to the creation of a 79 acre non-profit resort designed to be a “storybook” experience located near Florida’s major attractions. The resort has everything from a magical castle, playgrounds, pools, and even the world’s largest Candy Land game along with a life size gingerbread house. Families with children suffering from life threatening illnesses, get a weeklong vacation at no cost to them. It is a place to make happy memories and give children a new outlook on life. It is because of partnerships with companies like Alex and Ani and the people that offer their monetary support, that this amazing resort can continue to provide for children in need.

give the kids the world

If you want to support this amazing cause, you can purchase one of the bracelets designed by Alex and Ani. They designed the ice cream cone charm to symbolize the carefree moments of childhood. It captures those blissful moments when all a child has to do is enjoy the moment. When you purchase a bracelet, 20% of the purchase price goes to Give the Kids the World.

They also have a candy cane bracelet. Candy canes were first invented in the 1600s to give to children during religious services to keep them occupied. Now, they represent youthful cheer and seemed like the perfect representation of what this non-profit resort offers. When you purchase one of these candy cane bracelets, 20% of the purchase price will be donated to Give the Kids the World with a minimum donation of $10,000 between October 2016 and February 2017. If you are organized enough to be buying Christmas presents for 2017, this is a great gift to help suffering children and their families take a break from their struggles and just enjoy being a family…enjoy just being a kid.

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  1. What an amazing cause! I love that some of the profits goes to a charity to help ill children and to give them a piece of childhood.


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