We Weep with the World

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Every new soil I press my foot upon changes me and impresses a new sense of compassion within my soul. Each new person I meet opens my mind to a new reality and a new world I have never known.

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My heart is not defined by the borders of my homeland. My empathy is not limited to those who look like me. My wish for well being extends to my neighbors near and far, to the whole of humanity.

In my travels, I see my desire for love, respect and compassion reflected in every face I meet. I see that I am connected to you and you are connected to me, regardless of our differences. We are one in the same, and we shall weep in pain when another bleeds.

The world is a great big beautiful place but cruelty and brutality make it small. Discrimination and destruction diminish our capacity to cherish, tolerate and live peacefully.   

May we find it in our hearts to carry love for one another. May we believe in our thoughts that we do have the power to create positive change. May we prove that we are capable of being peaceful human beings by our actions.

To all of those suffering from a senseless loss, to those belittled by racism and hate, to those struggling with the grief of an untimely death, you are in our thoughts and our hearts.

power to create positive change

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