Try your hand at these 22 amazingly creative examples of Sushi Art

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They say food is art, but Sushi Art takes the concept to a WHOLE new level. Many expert sushi connoisseurs already consider sushi an art form but these reinterpretations of rice stuffed seaweed paper rolls take it to a whole new level. Best of all? They’re all completely edible!

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For those interested, creating Sushi Art involves rolling and packing the rolls in a way that, once cut, will reveal the image inside the roll. While they look impossible to recreate, many are completely doable in your own kitchen. Here are 22 of our favorites!

Sushi Art Owl


This was the first Sushi Art I found and I fell in love! Although I may be biased because owls are one of my favorites. 

Sushi Art Panda


This classic looking Panda sushi art is one of my favorites.  


Sushi Art Ghost


Perfect for Halloween, these ghosts are far from spooky. 

Pooh Bento Art

Poohbear and Friends

The gang is all here with Pooh, Piglet, Eyore and Tigger too. 

Dragon Sushi Art


The detail in this dragon sushi art is so impressive! It’s hard to imagine the preplanning it took. 



Donald Tsum Tsum

How cute are these little Donald ducks? 

shushi Art Minion


Minions are still a huge favorite in our house. 

Sushi Art Pineapple


When you’re missing sushi and the islands…

Sushi Art Bear

Teddy Bear 

These teddy bears are so on point! Who wouldn’t love finding these in their lunch box? 

Sushi Art Russian Doll

Russian Doll

Russian dolls give new meaning to playing with your food. 

Sushi Art Toy Story

Toy Story Aliens – Little Green Men

All of the Toy Story lovers should recognize these guys right away. 

Sushi Art Snail


Awe, these little snails are so cute. 

Sushi Art Flower


These flowers are very Japanese cherry blossom inspired and almost too pretty to eat. 

Sushi Art World


C’mon, of course we had to include Sushi Art that looks like a globe! 

Bumble Bee

Sushi Art 

The number of designs artist can create with their sushi is almost limitless. 

Sushi Art Cellphone

Cell Phone

How awesome is this iPhone inspired sushi art?! 

Sushi Art Owl 2


These owls show how bright and colorful the sushi rolls can become. 

Sushi Art Yokai

Yokai (Japanese demons)

These Yokai were actually created in a kids sushi art making class, so fun.       

      Sushi Art Olaf


Because Frozen will never, ever, ever stop being popular. 



Sushi is acceptable for Easter too right? Because these chicks would fit right in. 

Disney Friends


Mickey, Mini, Pluto, Daisy and Donald are simply adorable as sushi art. 

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