Easy 2 Step Lemon Cake Squares Recipe with Paleo Frosting

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Can we just all agree that lemon is pretty much the best dessert flavor in the whole planet? I mean it’s citrusy and goes deliciously well with a sweet cake. It’s also incredibly versatile, and I haven’t found the first person that doesn’t like something with lemon. My favorite to make the lemon really shine is this Easy 2 Step Lemon Cake Squares Recipe with Paleo Frosting (yes, I said Paleo Frosting).

Lemon Cake Squares are an incredibly delicious dessert! I mean it’s one of my favorite cakes ever. They are packed with flavor are super soft and moist and are super easy and quick to make.

Actually, let’s talk about that for a hot second, because these cake squares take literally so little time to make that you’ll find yourself whipping them up again and again. Most of the time of the cake making process is going to be spent baking the cake and not actually mixing anything, so that’s how quick it is.

And the frosting. Oh my gosh the frosting!! I thought that I would never find a frosting as delicious as this one! I mean this tastes like if it came out of a posh a bakery, but it’s incredibly easy to make (2 steps easy) and uses super traditional ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. And yes, it’s paleo. This frosting is actually paleo (excuse me while I dance a bit).

lemon cake squares recipe
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The frosting is just as easy as mixing solid coconut oil with some honey and a few drops of vanilla in your food processor until smooth. Then just place it in the fridge for a couple of minutes and frost your Lemon Cake Squares with it. It’s mildly sweet and dairy free (can you say amazing?).

And while you are decorating your cake add a couple of lemon slices to make them look extra cute and put together.

lemon cake squares recipe

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